New blog for (almost) the New Year

Welcome to my new blog.

I’ve been thinking about creating a new blog for a while now, and some recent events made me wake up this morning and do it. Sometimes I just need a push. What events?

  1. A marketing meeting with Ben Galley who suggested I consolidate my blog and my website – this is a compromise of that
  2. Raimey Gallant’s NaNo Blog & Social Media Hop, a fantastic opportunity to connect with writers who’d NaNo’d. I looked at my website – the link I’d shared for the hop to create traffic Β – and realised the blog part of it wasn’t fit for purpose
  3. I’m waiting on printer ink so I can print out my NaNo novel effort and start rewriting

But a couple of things held me back – I love my old blog! I love the title, the followers, the history, the fonts!

I first wrote on it in 2010, with the idea that I’d record my journey towards publication. And I did. Nineteen months after starting the blog, my first book Cat and The Dreamer was published. Three more followed, roughly once a year. I shared my early insecurities and fears, my random thoughts and pretty much every single time I suffered writer’s block.

I also connected with some amazing friends and bloggers. It’s a blog for writers, by a writer.

So when I set up my website, I used the blog feature to share the slightly less writery side of writingΒ – a blog for readers, by a writer.

What will this blog be? Hopefully a combination of the two. But who knows! As a writer, I’m a pantser (I write without plotting, simply starting with a blank page and seeing what happens), so this blog could go anywhere.

I hope you enjoy it.


34 thoughts on “New blog for (almost) the New Year”

  1. I switched to WordPress when I had my website redesigned. It was a little hard to get used to, and there are features about Blogger that I really missed. But overall, it’s been a good change! I like the color scheme!


    1. Thanks Dianne. I’ve had this URL since 2012, but back then I got very confused by it all and gave up. Today, however, it was pretty simple, which makes me wonder how stupid I was being back then πŸ™‚ I’m enjoying the newness of it all so far.


  2. I used wordpress for my website (, but I kept my blog the same. All I did was create a page tab for my blog, which would redirect visitors to Write with Fey.


  3. Looks good, Annalisa!

    If you decide to do it, there’s a way to migrate all your posts from Blogger to WordPress. I built a test blog locally on my computer and was able to export my blog to it; that was going WordPress to WordPress, so it was relatively easy. How much effort is involved when coming from Blogger, I don’t know…


    1. Thanks John. That’s good to know. I think I might just look back at some of my favourite posts and re-blog them. I want this to be a fresh start, in the most part. Knowing Blogger, they wouldn’t make it quite so easy, either!


      1. The process looks like it would work fine, because it works with a backup, which is evidently easy to get from Blogger. What happens on the WordPress side might be another matter… your way is safer, especially if there are only a few posts you want to migrate. The advantage to doing that is getting some fresh eyes on an older post.


      2. That was my thought exactly, John, that I could get a few people to read some older posts. I had a look and it does seem simple enough to import to WordPress – in fact, Blogger is top of the list of options πŸ™‚


  4. very new look. Congrats. I’ll be honest. I tried Word Press and had a heck of time – just not computer savvy enough or something. But good for you and I look forward to following your new adventure into 2017


    1. I tried once before – I’ve had this blog since 2012, but set to private so no one could see it – because I really couldn’t figure it out. When I tried again yesterday, it was pretty simple. Weird!


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