Interview with… Paul Lamb

It's the third Monday of May, and yet I'm still coming to terms with the fact May has begun. Our British weather doesn't seem to think it has. This past week has seen rain of epic proportions which I've been caught in a couple of times, though luckily not with Artoo whose coat acts like … Continue reading Interview with… Paul Lamb

How much does a reader want to know?

It can be a challenge to know how much personal information to reveal in a blog post. I have between one and a billion (plus) potential readers, technically. Each one will be looking for something different from me. Do they want to know more about my books? Do they want to know how to become … Continue reading How much does a reader want to know?

Interview with… Cordelia Frances Biddle

It's late February and I'm feeling good! Several of my projects are all lined up: publication, editing, writing something new, revisiting. I've gone from wandering around aimlessly at the end of last year to full-on bam-bam-bam. Today I'm delighted to introduce you to another Vine Leaves Press author, Cordelia Frances Biddle. Cordelia writes fiction and … Continue reading Interview with… Cordelia Frances Biddle