Interview with… Jayne Martin

It's interview time again, and this month I'm joined by Jayne Martin. Jayne lives in Santa Barbara, California. She is a Pushcart, Best Small Fictions, and Best Microfictions nominee, and a recipient of Vestal Review’s VERA award. Her collection of microfiction, “Tender Cuts,” from Vine Leaves Press, is available now through all online book sellers.  … Continue reading Interview with… Jayne Martin

Asking for help!

When I started writing - in the dark ages, before the internet, possibly using slate (so my kids would have you believe) - writing was a solitary profession. I must have shared my vision of writing with you: sitting in an attic, with fingerless gloves, looking as unkempt as Fagin? No? I've actually got the … Continue reading Asking for help!

“I just want to sell my books!” says one author to another

It's - loosely - advice week here at the Fountain Pen, but I'm going to use this time to have a little rant about Facebook. Hopefully it will be a useful rant, a helpful one. On Saturday morning, I was scrolling through the stats for my Facebook page. If you don't have one, it shows … Continue reading “I just want to sell my books!” says one author to another