The Big Question: does no one think of the reader??

Photo by Seven Shooter on Unsplash I grew up before the internet (which makes me sound ancient, but I'm really not given that the internet rose to it's current status in the 2000s according to Wikipedia). Back then my author role models were Margaret Atwood, Suzannah Dunn, Philippa Gregory, Aimee Bender, Carol Shields, Chuck Palahniuk. … Continue reading The Big Question: does no one think of the reader??

This little planet of ours

It could have all been so different, couldn't it? We could have got along, we could have shared this beautiful home of ours and looked after it and listened to its needs. But we didn't. We came up with the idea that some people were better than others, that some should have more power than … Continue reading This little planet of ours

The bigger picture

2020 isn't being kind, is it? Do you remember the wildfires in Australia, and those terrible scenes of rescued koalas? Or that Brexit actually happened at the end of January? Harvey Weinstein's trial; Trump's impeachment and acquittal; tensions with Iran? Covid-19 has taken over every part of our lives - whether we're locked down or … Continue reading The bigger picture