August Bank Holiday!

We love a good bank holiday in the UK - New Year, Good Friday, Easter Monday, a couple in May, August, Christmas and Boxing Day. Today, I'm going to be writing because I've got a self-imposed deadline coming up, and spent the weekend reading. Fun, but not particularly useful for the competition submission I haven't … Continue reading August Bank Holiday!

High Five for Bookshops

It's that time of year, month, day again when I encourage you to use your local shops! Regular readers, Facebook followers, random strangers I grab in the street, will know I love local shops. I know I'm incredibly lucky. In my town, we have a greengrocer, several fantastic gift shops which are supplied by local … Continue reading High Five for Bookshops

The bigger picture

2020 isn't being kind, is it? Do you remember the wildfires in Australia, and those terrible scenes of rescued koalas? Or that Brexit actually happened at the end of January? Harvey Weinstein's trial; Trump's impeachment and acquittal; tensions with Iran? Covid-19 has taken over every part of our lives - whether we're locked down or … Continue reading The bigger picture