Interview with… Ian M Rogers

Yeah, regular blogging is going well, isn't it? If you want to hear from me on a monthly basis, sign up to my newsletter which is always on time! Today, I've invited Ian M Rogers to tell us about his writing, his novel, and the best pens to write with. Ian is the author of … Continue reading Interview with… Ian M Rogers

Interview with… Rachel Thynne

This is a first for my Interview with... series, in two respects. It's my first time interviewing a non-fiction author, and my first time interviewing someone I know in real life. Rachel and I went to school together. Her book Behaviour Barriers and Beyond aims to help educators effectively support children with a range of … Continue reading Interview with… Rachel Thynne

Interview with… Jessica Bell

Today, I'm delighted to host The Boss, aka my publisher at Vine Leaves Press, Jessica Bell. Jessica is an award-winning author/poet, writing/publishing coach, graphic designer, and singer-songwriter who was born in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to having published a memoir, four novels, three poetry collections, and her bestselling Writing in a Nutshell series, she has been featured in a variety … Continue reading Interview with… Jessica Bell