Guest posts and interviews

Over the years, I’ve been interviewed and invited to write guest posts for other people’s blogs. I’m going to attempt to gather them all together on this page.


Jacqueline Howett’s Blog

Teresa at The Wittering Woman

Linda at Excuse Me While I Note That Down

Joanne at Word Splash

The Writing Nut

Battered Suitcase Press

Stephanie Faris

Misha Gericke at The Five Year Project

Serentity Sheild at Lovely Reads

Chrys Fey at Write with Fey

What’s Your First Draft Like? Rebecca Bradley

What’s Your Revision Process Like? Rebecca Bradley


Guest Posts

What I Learnt From Publishing My First Book Melissa Ann Goodwin – Writer on the Road 

Finding Inspiration in What If’s M Pax at Wistful Nebulae 

If I Wasn’t a Writer, I’d Be Wonder Woman Alex J Cavanaugh

Why I Don’t Consider Myself a Paranormal Writer Sia McKye Over Coffee

Novellas are Awesome Beck Valley Books

Five Books I’ve Read More Than Once Between the Lines

My Undercover Soundtrack

5 Reasons to Write to Music Everyday Writer, Tyrean Martinson

A New Look at Rejection Defending the Pen

Reasons to Enter Writing Competitions The Five Year Project

Annalisa Crawford Crosses the Tamar Bridge Cornwall Reading Challenge on The Bandwagon


Other Mentions

Costa Short Story Award 2015 finalist announcement The Guardian, 18 January 2016