Interview with… Adam Byatt

Today it's the turn of Adam Byatt to sit down and share his writing with us. This is my 13th interview, and there are still some wonderful authors to come!. Adam is a high school English teacher sifting through the ennui, minutiae and detritus of life and cataloguing them as potential story ideas. Hi Adam, … Continue reading Interview with… Adam Byatt

July (so far) round-up

A few weeks ago I spoke about being busy. Well, what happened next was I signed up for a sponsored step challenge in aid of Diabetes UK, and started taking very long walks with Artoo. As you can see, he's loving it! My aim is to walk 1.7 million steps over the course of July, … Continue reading July (so far) round-up

Dancing a jig – and a bit of housekeeping

2021-08-31T00:01:00  days  hours  minutes  secondsuntilit's published! So, yep, it's less than a hundred days until Small Forgotten Moments is published, and - as usual at this stage of the process - I'm twiddling my thumbs, somewhat. The proofs have been read and changes agreed, some wonderful authors have provided quotes for the cover, and until … Continue reading Dancing a jig – and a bit of housekeeping