A few places to find me this week

Every so often, several things converge - by happy accident rather than design - and this week is one of them! Grace and Serenity has received this incredible 5* review from the Book Reviewing Mum. I'm absolutely overwhelmed by it! Anne Goodwin has also reviewed it on her Annecdotal websiteI've been interviewed by author Camilla … Continue reading A few places to find me this week

Holding my breath

Bear with me, because I have no idea what I'm going to write today. I know I want to write something - the whole point of returning to my blog was to do it regularly - but... oh my god, I did not sleep well last night. I watched 1:15 disappear into the darkness, and … Continue reading Holding my breath

The bigger picture

2020 isn't being kind, is it? Do you remember the wildfires in Australia, and those terrible scenes of rescued koalas? Or that Brexit actually happened at the end of January? Harvey Weinstein's trial; Trump's impeachment and acquittal; tensions with Iran? Covid-19 has taken over every part of our lives - whether we're locked down or … Continue reading The bigger picture