#ThrowbackThursday – Where’s the Fire?

Happy New Year! I know I've posted more Throwback posts than any other recently, but with Christmas and New Year in the way, it just got too busy and confused. I promise that my next post will be a brand new one. In the meantime, here's one from April 2013 - I recently reworked the … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday – Where’s the Fire?

#ThrowbackThursday – “So, what do you write?”

Today's Throwback Thursday post comes from August 2010 (before my first book was published) and - like many of my early posts - didn't have any comments. In fact, it barely had any readers, which is why I wanted to install this feature - as a writer, it hurts when people don't read what I've … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday – “So, what do you write?”