I’ve finished and just started…


Today I’ve watched the FIFA World Cup Final – still feeling a bit gutted England weren’t in it, but excited for the next stage of their development – and completed the first draft/very detailed outline of my next project.

I’d aimed to write the draft, aiming for 20,000 words, in June. But as it stands, it’s 20,001bty words and not quite June anymore. Looking at my progress chart, there were a couple of weeks in the middle where I didn’t write a single thing. I know I got disheartened with the plot, or lack of one, but I didn’t realise it was that long.

In the end, I decided I just needed to write words, to get something on the page, so I could make a proper decision. I’ve actually got a story now, for starters – there were a couple of aha moments as things fell into place, especially as I was trying to fall asleep. But I did it.

It needs about 60k more words, a title and a much clearer structure.┬áBut I’ve started.