Interview with… Nick Wilford

Last week's book launch and blog tour excitement has settled into a calmer pace, so it's time to get my next project moving along and my regular social media and blog posting back to normal (and oh, wow, has social media diminished!. For this month's interview is with my hugely supportive critique partner Nick Wilford, … Continue reading Interview with… Nick Wilford

Interview with… Alex J. Cavanaugh

Today's Interview with... is slightly different because it's part of Alex's blog tour for his latest release CassaDark, and I am delighted to host him. Alex is a huge supporter of writers and bloggers, highlighting all of our latest books and achievements. Alex works in web design and graphics, and he plays guitar in a … Continue reading Interview with… Alex J. Cavanaugh

Interview with… Jessica Bell

Today, I'm delighted to host The Boss, aka my publisher at Vine Leaves Press, Jessica Bell. Jessica is an award-winning author/poet, writing/publishing coach, graphic designer, and singer-songwriter who was born in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to having published a memoir, four novels, three poetry collections, and her bestselling Writing in a Nutshell series, she has been featured in a variety … Continue reading Interview with… Jessica Bell