When everything converges

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com This is me right now. Well, obviously not actually me, I don't look like this - but I'm too knackered to look good in a photo right now! This week we helped Eldest Child move to Bristol - emotional exhaustion.We stayed in a hotel for a couple of nights … Continue reading When everything converges

Links and pre-orders!

If you don't mind, I'm just going to take a moment to relax. Ah, that feels good. It's been a busy couple of days in my neck of the woods. Yesterday, I received my copies of Small Forgotten Moments just as I was getting ready for work. And obviously, I wanted to share it straight … Continue reading Links and pre-orders!

Dancing a jig – and a bit of housekeeping

2021-08-31T00:01:00  days  hours  minutes  secondsuntilit's published! So, yep, it's less than a hundred days until Small Forgotten Moments is published, and - as usual at this stage of the process - I'm twiddling my thumbs, somewhat. The proofs have been read and changes agreed, some wonderful authors have provided quotes for the cover, and until … Continue reading Dancing a jig – and a bit of housekeeping