Interview with… Bauke Kamstra

Welcome to my new monthly new series, Interview with... My aim is to introduce you to authors you may not have come across before. The first few will be with fellow Vine Leaves Press authors, mostly because I asked and they were hugely enthusiastic! So without further ado, please welcome poet Bauke Kamstra... Hi Bauke. … Continue reading Interview with… Bauke Kamstra

Audrina Lane: an interview

And, here's another Where Words Fail Music Speaks author interview. Don't forget to buy your copy on Amazon, available on Kindle and in paperback, with all proceeds going to the Clusterbusters charity Today, it's Audrina Lane's turn!   Tell me a little bit about yourself. I’m Audrina Lane, an author since I turned 40 (4 years ago) and … Continue reading Audrina Lane: an interview