Interview with… Cordelia Frances Biddle

It's late February and I'm feeling good! Several of my projects are all lined up: publication, editing, writing something new, revisiting. I've gone from wandering around aimlessly at the end of last year to full-on bam-bam-bam. Today I'm delighted to introduce you to another Vine Leaves Press author, Cordelia Frances Biddle. Cordelia writes fiction and … Continue reading Interview with… Cordelia Frances Biddle

Interview with… Paul Lima

Welcome to the 26th in the Interview with... series. This month, I'm branching out a little - mostly because I had an accidental gap this month, put a shout out on social media, and found some fascinating authors to bring to you over the next few months. Sometimes it pays to be disorganised! Based in … Continue reading Interview with… Paul Lima

Interview with… Phill Provance

It's time for another interview with a fantastic writer. This month, it's Phill Provance. In addition to his most recent poetry collection A Plan in Case of Morning (Vine Leaves Press), Phill’s books include two works of nonfiction, A Brief History of Woodbridge, New Jersey (The History Press 2019) and Postcards of McHenry County, Illinois (The History Press 2021), the … Continue reading Interview with… Phill Provance