Interview with… Alex J. Cavanaugh

Today's Interview with... is slightly different because it's part of Alex's blog tour for his latest release CassaDark, and I am delighted to host him. Alex is a huge supporter of writers and bloggers, highlighting all of our latest books and achievements. Alex works in web design and graphics, and he plays guitar in a … Continue reading Interview with… Alex J. Cavanaugh

10 Ways to Return to Normality

So, I did a thing, you might have noticed. Small Forgotten Moments is a week old - they grow up so fast! If you're an author, you'll know that everything stops when you're launching a book. For everyone else, it's a bit like when you have a new baby - the world revolves around feeding … Continue reading 10 Ways to Return to Normality

Kyra Lennon’s Reasonable Doubts, without doubt!

Huge congratulations to Kyra Lennon, whose new book, Reasonable Doubts, hits the shelves, Kindles and all other ereaders today! I'm so excited to be taking part in the release blitz - don't you just love it when you see your blogger friends featured all over your favourite blogs! Blurb: Darcy Ryan is a woman on … Continue reading Kyra Lennon’s Reasonable Doubts, without doubt!