Interview with… Gina Troisi

Hey, it's the third Monday of the month... again! And this month, I've invited Gina Troisi to the Fountain Pen to share her writing with us. Gina is the author of the memoir, The Angle of Flickering Light (Vine Leaves Press, 2021). Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies, including Fourth Genre, The Gettysburg Review, … Continue reading Interview with… Gina Troisi

Interview with… Martha Engber

It's the third Monday of the month, we're zooming towards spring, and Martha Engber is here to share her writing life with you. Martha's second novel, Winter Light, was published in October 2020 by Vine Leaves Press. She’s also the author of The Wind Thief, a novel, and Growing Great Characters From the Ground Up. … Continue reading Interview with… Martha Engber

Interview with… Joanne Nelson

It's author interview time, and I'm delighted to introduce you to Joanne Nelson. Joanne is the author of the memoir, This is How We Leave available from Vine Leaves Press. Her writing appears in anthologies and literary journals such as Brevity, the Citron Review,the museum of americana,Consequence, and Redivider. In addition, she is a contributor … Continue reading Interview with… Joanne Nelson