Interview with… Gina Troisi

Hey, it's the third Monday of the month... again! And this month, I've invited Gina Troisi to the Fountain Pen to share her writing with us. Gina is the author of the memoir, The Angle of Flickering Light (Vine Leaves Press, 2021). Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies, including Fourth Genre, The Gettysburg Review, … Continue reading Interview with… Gina Troisi

Interview with… Meg Johnson

I'm being quiet on my blog for several reasons this month, one of them being that it's the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge when loads of bloggers commit to blogging throughout April prompted by the letters of the alphabet. Have you heard of it? Are you taking part? I've done it a couple … Continue reading Interview with… Meg Johnson

Kyra Lennon’s Reasonable Doubts, without doubt!

Huge congratulations to Kyra Lennon, whose new book, Reasonable Doubts, hits the shelves, Kindles and all other ereaders today! I'm so excited to be taking part in the release blitz - don't you just love it when you see your blogger friends featured all over your favourite blogs! Blurb: Darcy Ryan is a woman on … Continue reading Kyra Lennon’s Reasonable Doubts, without doubt!