Have you heard? I’ve got another book out – ish

Hear ye, hear ye! Cat & The Dreamer is published!

Cat & The Dreamer:

  • was the first book I had accepted and published back in 2012
  • was the longest thing I’d ever written up to that point. Although I always wanted to write novels, I was beginning to despair I’d ever write a long enough story
  • has only been available as an ebook up until now. It’s finally on the shelf in my living room with all my other books
  • is based on the fact I daydream a lot. When one reviewer has said they couldn’t keep up with the main character Julia slipping in and out of fantasy, I laughed, because basically that’s my life! Now when you read it, imagine how chaotic my head is. The daydreaming character developed before the story
  • was the first manuscript I gave to someone who wasn’t a friend or family member – I gave it to a work colleague who offered some wonderful feedback
  • deals with teenagers entering a suicide pact, so I understand this book isn’t an easy read and some people prefer to avoid it. It was inspired by several cases which reached the national media around that time
  • was the catalyst to me continuing to write. If it hadn’t been accepted in 2012, I may never have submitted anything else

Julia was fifteen when she survived a suicide pact. Her best friend, Rachel did not.

Now aged thirty, still traumatised by the memories of that day, Julia retreats into fantastical daydreams. But even there, she’s not free from the crushing guilt of being the one who survived. Her dreams are dominated by Cat – a spiteful combination of old school bullies, a cruel work colleague, and Rachel herself – who will do anything to crush Julia’s spirit.

When Adam walks into her life, Julia sees his friendship as a chance to break free of the chains which have been holding her back all these years.

But will her guilt consume her before she can?


12 thoughts on “Have you heard? I’ve got another book out – ish

    1. And what a journey, Elizabeth! You were there as I navigated the whole submission process and the fear it would be shelved forever. And always the calm voice of reason, so thank you x


  1. Hi Annalisa – I’ve got my copy here … and I highly recommend it to others … wishing you lots of success – cheers Hilary


  2. For some reason, I never read the blurb on this one. It sounds very intriguing! Damn it, Annalisa! I have too many books on my Kindle as it is……! But you twisted my arm, lol ……

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  3. Looking forward to it!
    I understand the “re-excitement” factor, too, anyway. I have new representation and my book’s coming out “again” in October with a new cover. Then Book II might actually come out next year, finally, lol !

    Liked by 1 person

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