Launch Day! 🥳

It’s launch day, and I’m celebrating with a pineapple. Well, not entirely, although I do have some pineapple rings in the fridge which probably need eating so…

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on

It’s also the next stop on my blog tour, and today I’m sharing some not necessarily interesting facts about my book with Elizabeth Seckman, who is also celebrating her own good news. There’s a lot of it around at the moment, isn’t there?

Do you have any good news share?


6 thoughts on “Launch Day! 🥳

  1. Congratulations … so pleased for you … lots of interest over at my blog …
    Thank goodness for good news! Happy Days ahead … just enjoy – cheers Hilary
    PS loved Alex’s post for you …


      1. So far so good (by you) … I’m out for rest of today and tomorrow am … depends on how I feel – might manage to check in … life’s busy … but so be it – I hope it is for you … I forgot to ask re your wrist … all mended happily I hope. Cheers for now – and just enjoy the tour around … Hilary xoxo


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