Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, Easter etc

Apparently, I chose to completely overlook Christmas and the New Year on this blog, so I thought I should get a couple more things in there in case I go AWOL again.

In my defence, I’ve been busy – on and off line, writing and non-writing activities.

Depending on who I talk to, I either make or don’t make New Years Resolutions. I’ve caught myself saying both to different people over the last few days. What I actually mean is I don’t make the kind of resolutions other people make such as giving up___, or starting ___.

My resolution this year is to wear more of the jewellery I own.

Don’t get me wrong – there are no diamonds or gold in my collection. I prefer the type of things you buy on stalls at craft fairs – leather and beads are much more my style. But I buy it and rarely wear it, so this year, I’m going to try.

I’m also – and yes, I probably said this in my last post – going to make an effort to visit more blogs. The main problem as been using Bloglovin which randomly doesn’t load any blog posts or – the last straw – seems to have been hacked or something because it’s been listing blog posts from 2020that I know my blogger friends haven’t made and when accidentally clicked on one, my virus checker flagged it as harmful.

So now I’m using Feedly, and hoping it will be better.

Everything is pretty much in place for the launch of The Clock in My Mother’s House, due out next Tuesday (the 10th) and available for pre-order. A sudden blast of Kobo orders took it to Number 6 in the short story rankings, which was pretty cool.

Hopefully you’ll see me around on a few blogs as I take part in a small blog tour.

And if you’re local to me, Saltash Library, are hosting me for an event on 19th January, starting at 11.30am.

In other news, in my last general post I hinted at some stuff that was going on. Well, I’ve had the rights for my first two books – Cat & The Dreamer and Our Beautiful Child – restored to me and I’m in the process of editing and refreshing the first with the intention of republishing it in the spring, with the second possibly late summer. I’m hugely excited about this, and I’m falling in love with my early characters all over again.

Over to you… Have you made any resolutions? I’d love to hear them.


15 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, Easter etc

  1. I am celebrating your getting the rights back for your books and your enthusiasm for their next steps!

    And I love your resolution to wear more of your jewelry. I often tell myself not to safe anything for a special day, but to enjoy it all now, even at home.


    1. I hate saving things ‘for best’. When I was about 8 or 9, I had a lovely dress which my mum insisted I kept for a special occasion. I grew out of it before I even got to wear it ☹️

      I’ve been instilling all the writing knowledge I’ve gained over the past 11 years to revise the first book – I’m working through my overused-words list right now. Ugh!


  2. That’s great there were so many pre-orders.

    It’s rare I save something for a special occasion. If I need it now, use it now.


  3. Hi Annalisa – I use Feedly – but some blogs have dropped off that recently … I need to do a stock take! Also there’s not an easy way to get over things … except perhaps make an email list – I’d rather have it twice, than never. Another aspect I need to look at …

    I’m afraid I struggle to put make up on … I do put ear-rings in, and a watch – that’s it! No – when I go out … I do make an effort.

    Looking forward to putting a post up for you at the weekend … I love the concept of your new short story collection …’Mothers’ … cheers and all the best for the coming year – Hilary

    PS – my blog post for Annalisa will be at. at the weekend – probably Saturday …


    1. Oh, make-up is a completely different matter, Hilary. I rarely wear that and don’t miss it. Sometimes, if I really want to make an effort, I’ll put some on but I’ve often wiped it off again by the time I leave the house 😂

      I’m looking forward to being on your blog!


  4. Hi Annalisa!
    Congrats on getting back the rights for your first two books!

    I also love home-made costume jewellery, including beads, bangles, etc. but stopped wearing it when COVID came along. Maybe it’s time to get back to wearing it.

    The Clock in My Mother’s House is a lovely story – I remember reading it in one of the e-zines where it was originally (I think??) published. Congrats on its 6th place ranking in the Kobo short story category. A fantastic boost for your book! Did you self-publish the book?

    All the best for 2023, Annalisa!


    1. That’s so lovely you remember the story – I had a lot of fun writing that one. Yes, this collection is self-published as – like That Sadie Thing before it – it contains previously seen/published work. In my head it makes utter sense, and I’m moving towards being a hybrid author, albeit by accident.

      I naturally don’t wear as much jewellery in the winter because I’m in chunky jumpers, so it’ll be interesting how I get on.


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