Charging onwards!

A couple of weeks ago, I was frazzled – emotionally and mentally – so my best friend took me to her allotment and let me sit while she worked (only the bestest of friends do that!!)

And this was the view that helped to soothe me. Isn’t it gorgeous? It was a warm September day and I could feel myself recharging. Until then, everything seemed like a bit of a battle.

Not anymore!

October has still been busy. I had an event at my local library, which – due to a small turnout due to a variety of reasons – turned into a great conversation about books, literature, and writers we love. I was also invited back in January when my new short story collection comes out.

And talking of that, it’s almost going great. Almost, because there’s one snag I can’t seem to overcome:

Question: If you saw a font on a book which had the apostrophe upside down and back to front, would it annoy you?

This is the font I really like, but oh I’m so torn about that apostrophe. On a book. Which ought to be punctuation-perfect.

If you’re a font connoisseur, do you know of a similar font with the apostrophe the right way round?

I also decided to remove one of the stories. All of them have been published or won/honorary mentioned in competitions so I know they’re good enough to be included, but there was one which I just didn’t like anymore.

Has that ever happened to you? It was a weird moment when I realised my unease about the whole project rested on that one story, and removing it has made the book flow much better. As I’ve been typesetting – and re-typesetting (don’t ask!) – the stories, I’ve come to know them all over again, and I can honestly say the rest of them are pretty good amazing and you’ll definitely want to buy it 😎

On that note:

Request: I’m looking to have a small blog tour when my collection comes out in January, and I wondered if any of you would be able to offer me a slot?

I have a couple of dates organised and I’m hoping to fill from 11th January onwards. Interviews, guest posts, a quick mention, a review, or anything else which fits your style would be wonderful.

So, anyway, how have you been? And, do you have font opinions, specifically about the above, or perhaps generally🤔?

8 thoughts on “Charging onwards!

  1. I’d love to have you come and visit me while you’re touring. AND I like the apostrophe. It makes a statement. As if to say, life can be upside down.


    1. Thank you Sandra, I’d love to come to your blog. I’ll email you.

      That’s an interesting perspective on the apostrophe. Some of the stories in the collection are a bit topsy-turvy


  2. Hi Annalisa – your friend offered you a great place to recover … brilliant area. Great you’ve got two excellent offers for your blog tour with your new book. While the local library seems to have come up trumps for you … and always good to converse and appreciate new ideas. So glad you’re back up and writing, thinking and creating … personally I do not like that apostrophe – not sure if it would put me off … but it might! Cheers Hilary


    1. I think that’s the problem with that apostrophe, Hilary – it’s going to be a split opinion. So I’m still at a loss on what to do 😦

      It is lovely to have offers to visit Alex and Sandra’s wonderful blogs – I’m all set up and raring to go!

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