Small Forgotten Moments – new edition coming soon!

Small Forgotten Moments is a hardback!

At least it will be on 7 June. Complete with this stunning and fascinating cover. When I first saw it, I kept finding new elements that I hadn’t seen on my previous view.

And it took me longer than I ought to admit to realise the white shape with the title in it was a hand. In my defence, I’m exhausted and very busy at the moment…

Slowly, but surely, pre-order links are appearing. It can currently be pre-ordered via Amazon UK, Waterstones, Book Depository, and Booktopia.

If you see it elsewhere, please let me know so I can add it to my list.

In other news, it’s sunny here in Cornwall, my washing is on the line, and I’ve just had the best mug of tea. Work on my latest WIP has ground to a halt due to being incredibly busy with other things and having a slight wobble over the direction of the story. I’m still not completely sure where I want to go with it, but when the sun’s shining I don’t really mind. Everything will sort itself out. In the meantime, here are some recent pictures from my favourite dog walking spot.

9 thoughts on “Small Forgotten Moments – new edition coming soon!

  1. Such a wonderful book, Annalisa! 🤩👍Well-deserved. Congrats on the new edition with the beautiful cover!


  2. Hi Annalisa – well done for getting to this point – the publication of the new edition is not far away now. It’s good you’re busy … while the Cornish area is wonderful to see … all the best with all the projects on the go – cheers Hilary


    1. I’m trying to stay busy, Hilary, and not worry about the lack of words. Cornwall looks a little less sunny today, sadly – we just had the most amazing downpour, but luckily I’d just come home from work 🌧


  3. The cover looks great, and so do the pictures! I know what you mean about how the sun shining can affect your mood; that happens to me, especially here in the Midwest where more often than not the sky is gloomy and the weather is freezing. So when the sun comes out and it’s actually bearable to be outside, it can make a lot of people feel good and optimistic.


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