Confusion, concentration, and spontaneity

Hello! Or should that be, hello? This Covid head of mine is playing tricks on time. I wake most days convinced it’s still March and completely unsure of which day it is. This is important because I work shifts – I’d rather not turn up in the afternoon to discover my shift was in the morning. So far, so good on that one.

To illustrate my confusion here’s a photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

So, that’s the confusion taken care of. When it comes to concentration, I can’t do anything for more than half an hour at a time – whether I’m reading, writing, or even watching TV. My mind wanders away from me. To be fair, this is helping with my long-suffering WIP and the poor character whose story I’m trying to tease into shape. Another thought came to me this morning – fortuitously while I was sitting right next to my notepad!

I’m also being a bit rubbish at updating my social media. On a dull January day, I created a social media plan so that I posted something somewhere on most days – and even worked out how to schedule everything. But that’s all gone a little pear-shaped for the moment. The plan is still in place, I just have to re-adhere to it.

The spontaneity is a weird one – I keep submitting work I had no intention of submitting. I’ll receive an email about a competition and before I know it, I’ve sent off a story which I’ve had on the backburner for ages. It’s either a sign from the universe that these stories are winners, or there are several judges out there reading in utter disbelief. Fingers crossed for the former!

However, it’s almost Easter, almost my birthday, my husband and son reached the end of term without mishap, and the sun is very much shining today. I had my first ‘good’ workout session since I was ill yesterday, and I’ve got a tattoo scheduled for next Sunday. Happy April, everyone!

16 thoughts on “Confusion, concentration, and spontaneity

  1. I had Covid brain from my second bout with the illness. I had to force my brain to focus. The first time I had it, I had vertigo-like symptoms for about a month. I’m not sure which is worse.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better!! Keep exercising. I swear, movement is what wipes away the fog.


  2. Sometimes I will double-check the day on my phone because I’ve lost track of what day it was. I think that the pandemic has affected many people’s perceptions of time; our daily routines were disrupted and so we had to adjust to a new way of life. But I hope that it gets easier for you and that your schedule will flow more smoothly.


  3. Happy belated birthday and Easter, Annalisa. I have to admit, my social networking campaign is non-existent. Just don’t have the time, well that’s my excuse.


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