Have you ever heard about time slips?

I just sat down to write a post, wrote it, scheduled it, and was feeling very proud of myself when I realised it was a post I was scheduling for next week, not today… 🤦‍♀️

So, here’s today’s post.

A while ago now, my mum told me a story about how she’d been walking with a friend in Torquay, discovered a quaint little park, and decided to go inside and sit while they chatted. I believe – and I’m trying to remember this from a conversation we had several years ago – that they were passed by two women who were wearing slightly old-fashioned clothing. When they left, they realised that over three hours had passed and the weather outside the park was markedly different to inside.

A time slip is where suddenly you are no longer in the time or era you think you are – essentially, you have slipped into the past or possibly the future. Some accounts are of different decades, others of only an hour or so – such as seeing the same man pass you twice within a minute.

I came across this phenomenon while researching something else – Bold Street in Liverpool seemed to dominate my searches and as I delved deeper, it wasn’t just one story in multiple places but several different ones. In one case, a man walked out of a shop into the street as it would have been in the 1950s complete with cars and fashions of the time. In another, a shop lifter evaded a security guard by running directly into 1967 – and corroborated by the guard chasing him who said the thief disappeared in a dead end alley!

Other stories I’ve come across can possibly be explained away, but many cannot, and from an author’s point of view, it’s incredibly intriguing. I wonder if when people see ghosts, it’s simply other people slipping into our time – I mean, those people in 1960s Liverpool might have seen a curious-looking man in strange clothes looking very confused, mightn’t they?

I’ll leave you with this link for a blog which was being updated until 2021, but seems to have ground to a halt. Even so, the stories within it are fascinating, and might induced some inspiration of your own.

10 thoughts on “Have you ever heard about time slips?

    1. If you ever see a ghost, check your surroundings. If they’re different, you’ve slipped. If they’re the same, it’s a ghost. Either way, take a deep breath and don’t panic 🙂


  1. That would be something, to be able to slip back to a different time. Is it a phenomenon or something else? Hmmm… certainly makes for great stories.


  2. Hi Annalisa – I always hope there’s a parallel life around … and I get to see the future – though I’ll be gone … who knows – perhaps one day … but for now I enjoy life! cheers Hilary


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