Oh boy, I’ve messed up

What do I mean, you ask?

Just look over there ➡ ➡➡➡➡➡

Yep, the sidebar widgets have done something silly. Well, actually, I did something silly to them without realising. And now I’ve got lines and random spaces and I don’t know how to fix it just yet.

Update: I think I’ve fixed it!

10 thoughts on “Oh boy, I’ve messed up

  1. Good luck is all I can say – I’ve had enough today with computers! Tomorrow is another day – hope it gets sorted easily … cheers Hilary


  2. I wish I had some advice. Still woefully ignorant concerning anything “extra” in WordPress…


  3. It all looks good to me. I’m glad you fixed it. I know how stressful it can be when something goes wrong with your blog/website.

    P.S. Sorry it has taken me so long to return a visit.


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