Happy New Year!

Random photos from my year!

Are you making any New Year Resolutions? Some years I do, some years I don’t. This year I have two, I think.

The first is to not buy any new clothes (apart from gym kit or dire necessity like underwear). I had a sort out of my wardrobe a couple of days ago – throwing out all the clothes that didn’t make me happy. You know that feeling when you pick something out and you have to wear it because nothing else is suitable but really you’d prefer to wear a binbag? Those clothes all got donated. I discovered so many items pushed to the back which I love, I really don’t need to buy anything else this year. This resolution is aided by the fact I really don’t follow fashion 😎

The second is to continue my swaps from plastic to non-plastic. Over the last few months I’ve swapped my face creams to a local company who makes wonderful products without all the chemicals (a bonus) and uses glass jars. The eye serum is just divine, and lasts for ages. On my radar this year are hand creams and foot balms.

My trick to making a good resolution is not to deny myself anything. I will not ever stop eating chocolate or having a glass of wine, so there’s no point trying. I make mine fun (ie. dressing up in clothes you don’t wear often) or a process I can build on, like discovering new ways to avoid plastic. They’re never all or nothing either, because I don’t want to be frustrated or feel like I’ve failed. I want to enjoy the new year.

Let me know your views in the comments. Are resolutions important to you? Have you never made them? Have you ever lasted the whole year?

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Love those resolutions! Why don’t I ever make resolutions to eat more chocolate?! Okay, maybe that’s not the best idea for me, but my husband and I have been enjoying some fancy candies and they’re so good, you don’t need to eat more than one at a sitting. 🙂

    I have my “goals” post going up Monday, and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can achieve this year.

    Happy New Year!


    1. I really like your approach to making change – not depriving yourself! With all the shortages of paper products last year, my eyes were opened to how wasteful we (me) are (am) with using disposable products around the house. And the plastic! I purchased some great reusable silicone freezer bags last year, and re-use all the plastic bags we had left before I got smart. Plus if food comes in plastic bags, I re-use them, to put food in and then in the silicone bags, which keeps them from getting dirty. Haven’t bought a plastic bag, wrap, or bottle in over a year. The more I got into it, the more ways I could see to stop using disposable products – and not only is it better for the environment – it’s better for the wallet too! I can share product info if you are interested. Wishing you continued brilliance and success in 2022. Can’t wait to see what you do next. xo


      1. It’s the small changes that make a difference, Melissa. Once you’ve got them sorted, others follow. I always carry a reusable water bottle with me, and more and more places will offer refills – cafes and coffee shops and pubs. Have a great new year x


    2. The more expensive candies are so rich and flavoursome you have to savour them rather than tuck straight into the next – it’s how I normally eat chocolate, but Christmas always brings in the cheaper Cadbury’s variations. Back to the 70% chocolate bars next week. Happy New Year!


  2. I’m not a new-year-resolution-kinda-person. Too many people place pressure upon themselves with unrealistic expectations. Then they feel bad when things don’t work out. It’s okay if you make realistic and doable resolutions.
    I can’t even remember a year where I made a resolution and followed through/didn’t follow through. I’m wracking my brains to remember. That should tell you. 😝

    A Happy & Healthy New Year to you and yours, Annalisa!


    1. You’re right, Michelle, the pressure is immense sometimes. I never take them too seriously – if I happen to buy an item of clothing, it’s not the end of the world. Happy New Year.


  3. Hi Annalisa – I’m not a Resolution kind of person, I just try and do the right thing re what’s appropriate – ie less plastic like you – and I must go through my wardrobe and take my stuff to the Samaritans … I’d like to reduce my food intake and thus waistline … savings all round – new clothes at back of wardrobe, less cash outlay … but as you say sensibly does it … cheers and have a blessed 2022 – Hilary


    1. Clearing out clothes you no longer wear/like to wear is so refreshing, Hilary. I find the week between Christmas and New Year is a much better time to spring clean than, erm… spring. I whirlwinded my way through my son’s room too, but he wasn’t quite as impressed as me 😉


  4. Happy New Year, Annalisa!

    I also don’t like or believe in resolutions or goals that deny us something. Fun goals or ones you can build on are a wonderful way to go.


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