I’m still saying yes!

I’m sure I wrote a blog post years ago about the benefits of saying Yes. At the time it referred to replying quickly to an email from the Guardian asking a few questions about my Costa Short Story Prize shortlisting. Because I acted quickly, I was the only writer from the six-person list to be quoted.

I said yes when I was approached to talk to a local women’s group about Grace & Serenity last year, even though it was the first public speaking I’d ever done (argh, scary… But not at all, as it turned out!)

Well, I’m still at it. A few weeks ago, I saw a call on a Facebook group I’m a member of for authors to interview. So I put my hand up straight away, realised they wouldn’t see that, then typed ‘Yes, please’. And here’s the interview on The Enterprising Writers.

What have you said yes to recently?

10 thoughts on “I’m still saying yes!

  1. Hi Annalisa – good choice and I enjoyed your thoughts … congratulations – and here’s to more ‘hands up’ – all the best and cheers – Hilary


  2. So much can be accomplished by saying yes. I recently had a really cool opportunity because of it. Congratulations on the interview. Off to read the interview (Shannon @ thewarriormuse dot com; it defaults to my podcast site).


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