Happy birthday, Grace!

I’m a slow writer. It probably has something to do with the fact I don’t plan my novels so I can happily write a whole book before deciding I don’t like the direction it’s taking and have to go back to the beginning! One day, maybe, I’ll learn how to write the right way.

So, as a slow writer, imagine my surprise to have two novels being published in two years!

Grace & Serenity was published a year ago today, and – as you’re probably aware – Small Forgotten Moments is due out at the end of August. The past year, as for most of you I suspect, has been a challenge and a blur – and I’ve been so grateful to have my writing to focus on. It’s still hard to get my head around everything that’s happened, but it’ll make great fodder for when I’m writing my Great Dystopian Novel…

Sadly, I won’t make it three novels in a row – I’m still struggling with my elusive third novel and haven’t even thought about submitting it. It’s currently falling into the genius-yet-rubbish category, and I’m working hard to figure out how to lose the ‘rubbish’ part.

But, back to Grace, as it’s her day after all. Here are some of the reviews Grace & Serenity has received over the past year – long may they continue! If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear what you thought.

Praise for Grace & Serenity:

You’ll really feel for the main character who has all the odds stacked against her.

Michelle Wallace, on Goodreads

Annalisa Crawford uses immense sensitivity and literary prowess to address the inner destruction wrought by domestic violence.

Martha Engber, author of Winter Light

… the story of a desperate young woman who finds herself on a difficult path, and hurtles towards a thrilling conclusion. A tense and compelling read.

Vikki Patis, author of In The Dark and Girl, Lost

This book is thought-provoking, terrifying and tear-jerking. A really powerful and engaging read with heart wrenching events and dangerous and conversational subjects!

Lynne Piza, The Book Reviewing Mum

13 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Grace!

  1. Congratulations to Grace and her arrival in this world – and thus all the best for your new books now and in the future. Brilliant news about The Herald’s article – see your FB post … cheers Hilary


  2. Two novels in a little over a year is really productive. Don’t rush the third. It’ll be ready when it’s ready.


    1. Sadly, I didn’t write them in quick succession. One was in a drawer for a long time and tidied up, the other written in the gaps of the first. This third one is definitely taking its time!


  3. Happy Book Birthday!!

    And two novels in two years is AMAZING!! I can’t even imagine doing something like that. I’m sure you’ll figure out that third novel soon enough.



    1. As I said to Diane above, they were written over many years and only submitted in quick succession. It looks productive, but logistically will probably never happen again.


    1. Thank you! No, I won’t be rushing the third, but I may have to start on the fourth before I’m finished with it – that idea is niggling and I need to do some fun research to tie down the story.


    1. Yes, that’s around the speed I work at too. I blogged about writing Small Forgotten Moments under the category Novel In A Year (which turned into 15 months) but I was writing early drafts years before that!

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