Links and pre-orders!

If you don’t mind, I’m just going to take a moment to relax.

Ah, that feels good.

It’s been a busy couple of days in my neck of the woods. Yesterday, I received my copies of Small Forgotten Moments just as I was getting ready for work. And obviously, I wanted to share it straight away so I ran around the house trying to find the best light to take some decent pics.

I’d considered doing an unboxing video. But I wasn’t expecting them quite so quickly and thought it was something else, so I just tore right into the box. Ooops!

(A small edit to include the actual picture I took… πŸ˜‚)

Just after that, I received an email acceptance for a short story from Fairlight Books, which will be on their website next month sometime – more on that nearer the time. So, after posting the book photos and replying to a couple of early comments on Facebook, I also had to do a little celebration dance about the story.

And that, dear reader, is how I almost came to be late for work!

This morning is no quieter. After a lovely toasted teacake at my favourite book shop, I came home to a message that the pre-order links for Moments were up and running!!! Just click your favourite retailer below and check it out (or search, for Small Forgotten Moments if the link isn’t here).

Amazon // Barnes & Noble // Apple Books

Kobo // Book Depository

Small Forgotten Moments pre-orders are live! Check them out here
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