Wasting time with Google

I’ve got half an hour before I have to go out for my first haircut of the year – well, first haircut since the beginning of December – so here I am, wasting time.

Although I don’t actually have anything to say…

I had to Google how long it would take to dig a six-foot hole the other day. Too long, as it happens. So then I Googled how long it would take to dig a three-foot hole. It’s amazing what you can find on the internet, isn’t it? Most of my searches link to Quora, which is quite a scary place. People ask the weirdest questions. Which is also pretty perfect, but authors need those answers too.

What’s the strangest Google search you’ve made recently?

My publisher sent me the final proofs of Small Forgotten Moments to read, so I hunkered down with mugs of tea and bars of chocolate. Reading it again made me even more excited it’s going to be out in the world in a few months’ time – 109 days and counting!

(Any excuse to share this fantastic cover and point you towards its Goodreads page 😉)

9 thoughts on “Wasting time with Google

  1. Can’t think of the strangest thing I have Googled, but it’s always weird to see what comes up when you start typing.


  2. Quora *is* a scary place. They don’t let you read the answers until you sign up and tell them your areas of expertise so that they can ask you to answer questions (at least that’s the impression I got). You can read maybe one answer to a question…


    1. Yes, I had to sign up to read the answers about the hole, so I receive daily emails with the weirdest questions. Quite a lot of them are fixed on Harry Potter, which I find strange after all these years.

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  3. Hi Annalisa … I daren’t go looking – in case I get carted off, for being ever more curiouser than I already am! But as you say … answers to so much you can find … if I could connect to google regularly I’d be happy … c’est la vie – I had a good haircut though … cheers – Hilary

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  4. Congratulations on the upcoming publication of you book, Annalisa! I do a lot of research for work and my own books, but can’t think of any weird results. I know there have been quite a few, but none that stand out.


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