Small Forgotten Moments has a cover…

You might have spotted this fantastic new offering from Jessica Bell in your inbox or on your Facebook feed, but here it is again, just in case you don’t follow me anywhere else!

Is Zenna a muse, a sleep-deprived apparition, or something much more sinister?

Suffering long-term amnesia, artist Jo Mckye is ready to start a fresh, new project after the success of her debut exhibition. But the fictional subject of the collection, Zenna, won’t let go so easily. Infiltrating Jo’s dreams—and increasingly, her waking hours—Zenna is fast becoming a dangerous obsession.

Jo is confident the answers lie at her childhood home, an idyllic Cornish village on the south-east coast; she just doesn’t know why. Only when she walks into the sea and almost drowns does the past start to unravel.

Haunting and melodic, fans of Daphne du Maurier and Daisy Johnson will adore this.

If you were following my blog in 2017-18, before I went on a short hiatus, you might remember I was blogging my Novel in a Year journey. Well, this is the book I was writing.

Small Forgotten Moments has a listing on Goodreads, so if you use that site, please show your love and add it to your TBR list. Every time I get a ‘Want to Read‘, I do a little dance 😘

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  1. Hi Annalisa – it does sound so interesting … fascinating subject – while the cover is excellent – good luck – cheers Hilary


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