Drowning in words!

I’ve simultaneously got too many and yet not enough words! And what words I do have seem to be spectacularly in the wrong order…

After spending a couple of weeks hiding from my critique partners’ comments, I opened the file of my novel-in-progress and started to work my way through my notes, their notes, and some new ideas I had as I was staring at the pages.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Chapters have been moved. One has vanished altogether. – not good when I’m alternating viewpoints! I’m using the Track Changes feature on Word. If you’ve ever used it, you’ll know it changes the colour on altered and moved sections. Currently, only a few sentences remain the original colour.

The idea was to increase my word count by a couple of thousand, but I’m condensing instead 😮

And yet, I’m having so much fun! I might have mentioned previously my love of technical drawing and how, out of a mash of pencil guide lines, the perfect pen line drawing appears. Few people, if any, use pencil and pen these days – it’s all CAD. And while my computer screen is filling up with red and green text, the blueprint for it was cut-up sections of novel all over my living room floor and sticky tape.

So, basically, this is a blog post with pictures to explain why my blog is a bit quiet, and why I haven’t visited very many recently. Every spare moment is spent staring at pieces of paper, chewing on the end of my pencil, and muttering to myself.

But, like I said, FUN!

What have you been up to recently? ‘Fun’ answers only 😉

18 thoughts on “Drowning in words!

  1. Hi Annalisa – I’m sure it’ll all come together … but please don’t leave those bits on the floor for long – as I can reliably tell you the dust bunnies will descend – I have a mountain of them to clear out!! Take care and all the best – Hilary


  2. There are these phases, aren’t there, when it all seems so blob-ous. I just made up that word. You have ideas of things that will happen, and maybe even how it all will end, but getting from here to there….I have been writing poetry!! And with feels like great success to me, though whether anyone else will agree is TBD. Also, I am making real headway with my book. I see the end, and the major events, so I am in the sometimes plodding get from here to there…but it IS happening. I know you will sort it, you always do – and brilliantly!!!


    1. Thank you, Melissa! That’s such good news about your book – I’m looking forward to reading it. And poetry too… fantastic. I’m so very bad at poetry – anything I do write stays firmly for my eyes only 🙂


  3. Blogs needs to be silent while one is working on writing. Good luck! But it sounds like you’ve got a handle on it……


  4. I’ve been editing my latest ms. It’s slow going but enjoying tightening and rewording sentences and eliminating repeated phrases 🙂


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