Distraction and procrastination

The beta reads for WIP 1 are coming back. The general consensus is it’s good, messy, and stuff doesn’t work (but not the same stuff for each reader, which is to be expected). And in response to their notes, I’ve made my own notes of what needs to change which doesn’t even correspond to anyone else’s opinions!

I’ve handwritten three A4 pages of WIP 2 – so I’ve started numbering them, in case you’re attempting to follow along. This one needs research. Proper, actual research about WWII, life in as a maid in 1905, and so many other things I haven’t even started to think about yet. Unfortunately, apart from great characters and a premise I’m excited about, I don’t actually have a plot yet…

So, what does an author with two books on the go and a third which needs a blurb do with her days? She plays around with Facebook ads and designs a spreadsheet to compare stats. I mean, it’s not like Facebook does that for you if you look in the right places. (Reader, it does.)

I’m currently figuring out the optimal daily spend on adverts. Last month, I worked with £2 per day; this month, I thought I’d give £1 a try.

Before I go, is anyone else really getting into wearing masks? I’ve got such cool ones!

I’m less keen on my lockdown hairstyles though – I’m looking a bit wayward…

Have you ever tried Facebook ads? Have you had good results? How is your hair looking right now?

6 thoughts on “Distraction and procrastination

    1. Absolutely. I wouldn’t be without them now, especially for novel-length books. Early on, my novellas were submitted un-critiqued, but I was lucky enough to have them accepted.


  1. I think we are all looking a bit wayward:) Though you make wayward look good:)
    I love all the different face masks out there. It helps make it fun.
    Stay safe. Be well. Good luck with that WIP.


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