Weird dreams!

I normally write my blog posts on Sundays because I like them to go out early on Monday mornings. I was all discombobulated yesterday, so I didn’t. And then this morning, I woke up at 3.30am, got up at 4.30, and basically my morning has been on a downhill trajectory ever since.

So, I’m just going to randomly talk about some stuff, and see how I get on.

I’ve been having some weird dreams recently – they’re bright and vivid, and remain so until I want to recall them, then they vanish…

Lucky for you, I remember last night’s dream. I was on a two-week holiday in London with a young girl who was my ‘daughter’, but was actually the five-year-old character from the book I was reading yesterday. Anyway, I had all these plans, but she just wanted to sit in the hotel room. And then I found a pastel-coloured tarantula which needed to be removed, and he really didn’t want to be!

And then I woke up. Early. In the middle of the night, early. But you know this bit – that’s where you came in.

Dreams are handy things. They help you solve problems, consolidate the things you’ve learnt that day, or clear out unimportant memories. Some people think they can predict the future, but although I wouldn’t go that far, I do have an interest in analysing people’s dreams.

I’m not so good at analysing my own. I dreamt about the girl because she was such a rounded character in the book (well done to that author!), but I have no idea what a mutely-coloured spider could possibly mean. I woke up before I freed him, so maybe I have an unresolved issue I need to think about…?

Do you remember your dreams? Do you use them to figure out problems? Do you have a favourite song about dreams?

(I’m not overly sure this whole post isn’t just a very strange dream…)

10 thoughts on “Weird dreams!

  1. Hi Annalisa – all I can really think about is that 4.30 start – and how challenging the rest of the day will be. So pleased the character was rounded and you enjoyed her in your dream … a multi-coloured tarantula … well that’s interesting to think – fortunately I don’t mind spiders. I hope you can mull your thoughts around it … and develop a story … stay safe and get some sleep tonight … all the best – Hilary


  2. They say people are dreaming wildly during the pandemic. I don’t remember my dreams often now, but when I do, I know they mean something. Sometimes, something that needs resolving, and sometimes, they are letting me know I have resolved some longstanding issue – because some person in the dream, or a familiar situation that caused me trouble in the past, in the dream were rather moot. So I know I’ve moved past. My teacher does workshops with dreams. I want to take it. If he posts one, I’ll sent it to you, as I’m sure they will be online for a while still.


    1. It’s interesting that you realise something’s been resolved, Melissa – that final permission to let go. The workshops sound great, please do send me info whenever they happen.


  3. That sounds like an unpleasantly early start. I hope February goes on an upward trajectory from here. I do find I’m recalling dreams more often recently, and at least a couple have been set on holiday (one was in Devon) – I just think we are all itching to get away when that’s been problematic for a long time!


    1. Even just a day trip to the beach would be wonderful right now, Nick. I live about 30 mins drive from my favourite, so it’s definitely out of my local area. We do have a small beach on my dog walk, so I at least get to hear the sound of the waves when I go that way.

      Hopefully you’ll make it to Devon and beyond soon, Nick 🙂


  4. I’ve heard lots of people are having strange dreams right now. I usually remember bits and bobs from dreams, often not making much sense! Occasionally I have a very vivid dream that stays with me all day and can be unsettling. I have no idea what that spider could mean I’m afraid. Hope you get a better night tonight.


    1. Oh yes, dreams that linger can be very unsettling indeed, Suzanne – even if you don’t remember, you have that strange ominous feeling. It was a much better night last night, thank you.


  5. I have weird dreams all. the. time. I sort of want to analyze them, but I mostly don’t because I’m afraid of what they actually might mean or what it says about my mind. In this case, I think ignorance might be bliss. 🙂

    If I can’t recall the whole dream, I try to jot down the parts of it I do remember and/or the feelings the dream gave me – panicked, sad, worried, etc.


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