Look for the sunshine

This photo was taken on a beautiful day. Cold, blue skies, sunny – wrapped up in my hat and gloves, it was glorious. Then I turned 180O and saw these doom-laden clouds. They didn’t remain long, they didn’t unleash a torrential downpour; I turned away, and the rest of the walk remained perfect.

I avoid talking about politics and religion – I don’t like the conflict, even though I have strong opinions and I’m secure in my beliefs. I get weighed down, don’t have confidence that I can cite the pertinent evidence at the right time, or don’t feel I have the right to speak up on a particular issue.

I’m a doomscroller – taking it all in, becoming more horrified by what I’m reading. If I had the nerve to reply to some of the tweets over the past… well, five years I suppose, I’d mostly be saying “Oh, come on, really?” Sometimes, I wonder how people watching the same incident or press conference can see such different things.

Which brings me back to my photo. I could have chosen to focus on the black clouds and scurried home, but I would have missed out on the rest of a beautiful walk.

14 thoughts on “Look for the sunshine

    1. I feel headfirst into a conversation the other day where we were both on opposite sides. I was at work, and I really try hard not to argue with the gym users – it was about a TV programme and I thought it was safe!


  1. Hi Annalisa – always something to be pleased about … even starting out in freezing weather … our bodies warm up soon and we feel better – don’t we!! All the best – the days are getting longer … take care – Hilary


    1. Oh, yes, that bracing feeling when you return from a frosty walk and sit down with a mug of tea… and a chocolate biscuit, obviously. Nothing quite like it. I look for the longer days on 23 December 🙂


    1. We have some incredible clouds in Cornwall. Today was another stunning example, but I didn’t take pics. Artoo hates having his photo taken – I’m surprised he stood still 🙂


  2. I like your attitude. I often don’t retreat from weather (but often avoid commenting on social media!) And my last dog did not like his picture taken, either.


    1. There were a couple of really torrential showers during our heatwave last year, which I got caught in. There’s no point going home when you literally cannot get any wetter!

      Thanks for reading 🙂


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