New Book Out This Year!

Happy New Year! This isn’t a New Year post, I did that last week – it’s the first Monday of the month, so this is a post about my writing projects.

This time last year I was preparing for the release of Grace & Serenity. And oh, what plans I had for books signings and launch parties, and getting out and about doing promo videos in front of the landmarks mentioned in the book. Despite that, I’m getting some wonderful reviews both on Goodreads and Amazon, as well as via email from readers. Thank you so much to everyone who’s bought a copy. If you haven’t reviewed it, I’d love it if you would consider a couple of sentences on one of the links above or any of your usual review haunts 😘

My next book, Small Forgotten Moments, is due out in August, but I’m not so spirited this year. A large part of me thinks what’s the point. I hope I’ll be able to having a book signing, but my plans are a lot smaller and more contained and possibly all involve being outdoors.

Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing a lot more about Small Forgotten Moments over the coming months, and I’m sure my editor will be happy to know I’ll be much more excited soon – I’m suffering that post-Christmas/sludgy-January feeling. By February, I’ll awake from my hibernation and be raring to go!

And if you’re wondering what the stylish writers are wearing while they hibernate this year, it’s this amazing thing my awesome husband bought me. Perfect for sitting in my window and and keeping me warm while I write.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (hey, if you don’t, why not?) you’ll know I get sooooo cold when I’m writing. Well… not anymore!!

Anyway, while I wait for my editor to send back the developmental edits of Moments, I’m working on another novel. I’m currently a long way from the end and therefore I have no plans for its final destination. It’s based on a short story I wrote ages ago, about a woman who wakes up one morning to find everyone around her has disappeared. And the really weird part is… it’s based on something that actually happened to me!

More on than in the future, maybe 😉

It’s a tricky book to write because it’s dual point-of-view, which I’ve not done before, but also, the two characters are telling very different stories. I’m currently writing them in two separate documents which I’ll merge when I’m ready for some beta readers.

Other goals include writing and submitting a few more short stories. I submitted 19 last year, which is pretty good for me, especially when I was deep in novel writing. Two were published and one got an honorary mention in the Bristol Short Story Prize.

Do you have goals this year? Writing ones, reading ones, or completely unrelated ones? I’d love to hear them!

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12 thoughts on “New Book Out This Year!

  1. I LOVE that amazing thing your husband bought you. It looks so cozy and perfect.

    Best of luck with your goals this year. I’m looking forward to your latest novel! I love your work so much.

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  2. Hi Annalisa – love your husband’s present – what a warming idea … and great for spreading out in the field when we warm up. Congratulations on all your projects and good luck with the new book – things will work out … just enjoy that magnificent present! Take care – Hilary

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