Music Monday – The Sound of Silence

As it always does, this blog evolves. The fifth Monday of the month is currently reserved for any old random stuff I want to say. But this month, I find myself with no words. I’m currently so entwined with my latest novel they’ve all been diverted in that direction.

So I’ve decided to create Music Monday! Five minutes ago it was going to be something different, but #2 son came into the room playing the song below, and I switched it up again 😎

After dinner each evening, I usually do the washing up with one of my sons – I call it family-bonding time, they call it chores. I insist they provide the music, and their taste is fantastic. Sometimes I get to dance around to Footloose and Jump, or I get to sing along (very, very badly), and there are times when I’m simply blown away by a track I’ve never heard before.

This is one of them – The Sound of Silence by Disturbed. It has quickly become one of my favourite songs ever. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Music Monday – The Sound of Silence

  1. I’ve heard this one before. It actually works better this way than the way Simon and Garfunkel did it.

    If you’re planning to start doing music on Mondays, I’d like to invite you to join us for Monday’s Music Moves Me. Marie Moody ( is the coordinator, which means the Linky she uses is over on her site. All you have to do, after you’ve written a music post, is add the URL to the Linky. Every other week, we have a theme that Marie posts on her site, and the other weeks you can do whatever you want. December is “All Christmas Music, All The Time.” we’d enjoy having you join us!


    1. I only blog on Mondays, I’ll be doing music on those random 5th Mondays of the month – I think there are three next year, so a regular spot isn’t for me. I’ll look out for your Christmas posts!

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