Not one, not two, but 3 fantastic books!

It’s time to look back over the month, but you know what? I don’t want to. It’s been a horrible month and I want to create as much distance between me and it as possible. All I’ll say is I’m going to be a lot more careful how I use the phrase it can’t get any worse, surely from now on.


I’m going to share the latest Grace & Serenity offer with you. I know… I’ve been throwing lots of offers and giveaways at you over the last few weeks, how much more can there be??

Well, my publisher has created some fantastic bundles of their latest for the 2020 holiday season – stretching from now right up to Christmas!

And I’m really excited that Grace & Serenity has been grouped with Winter Light by Martha Engber and In the Fullness of Time by Carolyn R. Russell.

I recently read them both, so if you click on the book titles above you’ll be whisked off to my review of them on Goodreads. (Spoiler: I loved both of them!)

You can buy the bundle right here

Also (because, yes, there’s more) you can browse the other bundles by other amazing Vine Leaves Press authors here.

There’s an Australian-themed bundle, a memoir bundle, and a poetry one too – so we’ve pretty much catered for everyone!

Socks for Christmas

My long-suffering character, Grace (also available here) is homeless for a while, and this fantastic charity popped up in my Facebook feed recently.

Stand4Socks aims to give 1 pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair you buy from them. In their own words:

‘Socks are the most requested item by homeless shelters’
This is because socks are rarely donated, as a wear through item, unlike how we donate money, coffee or old coats – you wouldn’t donate your old smelly hole socks. Yet if you are homeless, you tend to walk more than average person and don’t have luxury of fresh socks. Leading to lots of serious foot health issues, for something as simple a pair of socks. That’s why we donate a pair for each one you buy.

Stand 4 Socks

What’s really cool right now is they have limited editions of City Skyline designs featuring major British cities, including Plymouth where Grace & Serenity is set.

If you’re in the market for new socks (doesn’t everyone deserve a new pair for Christmas) please consider buying from this very worthwhile charity.

11 thoughts on “Not one, not two, but 3 fantastic books!

  1. Thanks for the new book choices, and I’m very familiar with the plight of the homeless and it’s wonderful when they are helped. So many things that we take for granted like socks, water, toothbrushes and washrags are always greatly needed, and I thank for shining the light on this issue. Hugs, RO


  2. Sorry it’s been a tough month, hope things improve. The socks project seems like a great idea, I’ll check it out.


  3. The Inner Circle does a drive for socks and hand towels for the homeless. It is just the little, simple things that can enhance someone’s life. That’s a good cause.
    I also know several YA and dystopian future readers who will love hearing about this bundle.


  4. Hi Annalisa – sorry for the challenging times … but Stand4socks makes so much sense. So much will be needed this year as we adapt to life with Covid, and Brexit – just to compound our worries here. Take care and each and everything we can share helps … stay safe – Hilary

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