Lockdown 2 – Electric Boogaloo

It’s Sunday morning, in my world (although you’re reading this on Monday or maybe even later than that). Usually by now, I’ve got my post written and scheduled because I work on Monday mornings and it’s one of the few things I’m organised about.

This week has been manic, with seeing family, friends, work, my husband on half-term and the snippets of DIY which go along with it. I’ve barely worked on my novel, let alone had time to think about my blog.

And then, last night, the Prime Minister (I’ve decided to no longer use his name) announced I’ll have all the time in the world again – we’re starting another lockdown on Thursday. Although, this time, schools, universities, and professional sport will be allowed to continue. So basically, it’s cafes and pubs, shops who have already ordered and stocked their Christmas goods and… yep, you’ve guessed it, gyms, which will close.

As you might recall, my gym – my happy place and workplace – has only just opened again. In fact, it will have been open for only three weeks and one day when we have to shut.

I’m a positive person, but this year is really taking the biscuit.

As this is supposed to be Writing Update week, here are my highlights:

  • I submitted three stories – two short stories to competitions, and a flash fiction to an online journal
  • I had a piece published in Vine Leaves Press’s SPILL IT! newsletter
  • I’m reading Small Forgotten Moments aloud for the final time before it’s ready to go to my editor. I’ve found 75 things to tweak before I’m even half-way through… How is that even possible!!!
  • Once the read-through is done, I’ll be moving on to the second draft of my novel-after-that.
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Enough about me, how are you doing?

20 thoughts on “Lockdown 2 – Electric Boogaloo

  1. Hi Annalisa – I know … so many are struggling with all the chops and changes – yet there are so many worse off … I’m thinking Spring – the thing that keeps me going … definitely not easy … all the best – Hilary

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  2. My goodness! This year has sure been a rough one of so many unexpected things, and I’m so sorry your gym has closed back up again! Congrats on getting those stories submitted! That’s a huge deal! Sending lots of hugs your way! RO


    1. There was a big outcry for gyms to remain open, through various regional/localised lockdowns over the past few weeks which was heeded. But sadly not for this national one – when so many people rely on exercise for their mental and physical well-being 😦


  3. Oh, no! That really stinks. Hang in there!

    And I know this wasn’t meant to be funny, but it totally cracked me up – “I’m a positive person, but this year is really taking the biscuit.” I have never heard that phrase before! Is it like something “takes the cake”? Love it! πŸ™‚

    Well done on those writing goals!


  4. Yep, this year has really taken the biscuit! Sorry the gym is closing again and so soon after re-opening. It’s really hard to stay positive sometimes isn’t it? Let’s just hope the new year brings better times.


  5. Yeah, it can’t last forever. Which isn’t much comfort while it’s still happening.
    But still, you manage to get a lot done. You should be proud.


    1. Thank you – I was surprised when I looked back over the month, I thought I’d been pretty useless πŸ™‚

      Hopefully this year will be one we look back on as a catalyst for the positive changes to come – kinder to our neighbours, enjoying the small things, shopping local…


  6. I do feel for those people whose livelihoods are again suffering due to lockdown. Once was hard, but a repeat must be extremely demoralising.


    1. Yes, it’s so hard, when they’ve only just found their feet again. But our town is fantastic at supporting local businesses, so hopefully we can keep them going with takeaway orders etc. Even a gift shop is planning to run a click-and-collect service!


  7. Hope you’re holding up OK! We haven’t locked down fully in Scotland but we are in a “high tier” area so a lot of restrictions. Everything just seems to be getting more confused and messy. On a positive note, it sounds like you’ve been busy and organised with your submissions and edits. I guess staying busy and active is the key.


    1. Watching the kids walking past my window to school, it doesn’t feel like one here either. Confused and messy is a great way to sum it up – I totally concur. Writing is definitely my salvation at the moment… and chocolate πŸ˜‰


  8. I’m sorry about your gym closing down again. Exercise can make people feel better because of the endorphins, and we all need that right now because of 2020. I think the politicians need to stop fighting and figure out a way to help the workers who are forced out of work because of all these new restrictions. It’s easy for the politicians to argue that this is necessary when they don’t have to worry about how they’re going to make rent that month.


    1. I’ve been quite lucky as far as finances go – there are some terrible stories, especially among self-employed people who aren’t eligible for help of any kind. They need to be remembered.


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