Five Years

For my birthday in 2019, I was given a 5 year diary. It’s a tiny little thing, with only 5 lines per entry – akin to a Tweet, I suppose, where you can just blurt something out and don’t necessarily have to dwell on thoughts and feelings. I did enough of that in my teens – these days I save my angst for my characters.

I hadn’t written a diary for a long time, so the first year has a lot of gaps where I didn’t get around to writing anything at all. Slowly, I’ve got the hang of it and now it’s jam-packed – some entries curl into the margin because what I needed to say was so darn important!

I love reading what happened on this day last year – the stories which got accepted, the contracts I signed, places I’d been, friends I’d seen. Ah… places… friends. I recently came across an entry where I was writing the ending of Small Forgotten Moments (due out in August) at the same time I was, er… rewriting the ending of it. And in a few days’ time, I’ll be reading about submitting it and the nerves I had.

And that’s the beauty of a diary like this – your past is right there on the same page as your future. Usually, you pour your heart out and store those thoughts away until you either move or decide to clear out the attic. With a five year book, there’s no hiding – I’ve addressed my past and future selves directly because of the silly things they’ve done or warning them not to do a different silly thing.

Five years is a long time – it will take me to the eve of a BIG birthday. I’m trying to imagine what life will be like for me then, although the past year has probably proved we should really hold back on those ‘what do you see yourself doing in x years time?’ musings.

Do you keep a diary? Do you write every day? And, importantly, where do you see yourself in five years…?

15 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Hi Annalisa – well done … I admire you for keeping the record of your writing and where you’ve been and seen – ah yes … those places! Interesting and I hope you’re continuing on … take care and good luck with future publications and writing – Hilary


  2. Autumn, 2017, I attended counselling, as a relationship I thought was good ended suddenly. My self-esteem took another big knock. My counselor recommended, as part of my ‘treatment’, that at the end of each day I wrote 3 positive thoughts a day. Christmas arrived, and I received a diary, and I decided to keep it going.

    I’ve now done it every day, 3 positives a day for the last 3 years. It makes you look back on the good times and not dwell on the bad, and every year feels like it’s been a good year.


      1. Yes, even in my diary, I want to write about something that’s annoyed me, or has had a negative impact, but I really try not to note those down… or go to the back of the diary, and put my rant in the notes. lol! But yes, pick 3 positives a day. Even on a really bad day, the sun may have been shining.


        1. Yesterday wasn’t quite so easy, but I’ll try my best today! How great you have more than 3 sometimes – I think the more you look for them, the easier they are to find. If you only see the bad stuff, that’s all you’ll remember ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I like the idea of just having a few lines to record each day. And a good way of keeping track of goals? Somehow having it all in a little book sounds easier than going back through old blog posts or your timeline in a way.


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