It’s so hot that…

… I’m struggling to work out at the moment because my new ‘gym’ is my bedroom which happens to be the hottest room in the house.

… I’m struggling to write because my new ‘study’ is my bedroom which etc etc…

… my deodorant melted and I had to put it in the freezer. It melts at 24 degrees Celsius. Guess where I keep it – yep, my bedroom. Although I’m looking forward to frozen deodorant now!

… I’m making really silly mistakes like setting my washing machine programme and then turning the darn thing off instead of pressing the START button 🙄

… it’s too hot to eat, but not too hot for mugs of tea!

Is it hot where you are? How do you cope with heat?

New Series Announcement – Interview with…

Starting on Monday, I’m going to be bringing you a monthly interview. To start with, I’ll be introducing to the wide range of authors published by my publisher, Vine Leaves Press, and it’ll gradually expand to include many others. I’ve already booked the slots well into next year!

10 thoughts on “It’s so hot that…

    1. Wow! I think it hit those temperatures in London, but where I am we’re more 26/27 C outside. I’m close the the coast, so when the wind picks up it’s manageable. Yesterday had very little. Stay safe and cool!

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  1. Hi Anabel – I’ve given up … way too hot … I’d have kept going if I needed to – but didn’t … just needed to get through! Last night was cooler thank goodness and we have some very light overnight rain, then more today – went to the supermarket in the town centre, came out and got wet – not a problem … just dripping by the time I’d walked home! Changed and still too hot … not a lot of sun though … take care and just don’t lick that frozen deodorant?! Cheers Hilary


    1. The family have been warned about the contents of the freezer 🙂
      Oh, what I would give for air-con right now. Although it’s slightly cooler today, so I’m not feeling as bad today


    1. I feel so sorry for you – at least I know our temperatures will break after a few days. In fact, yesterday I got drenched while walking the dog. That cooled me down 🙂


  2. Ewww wee. Yes, Annalisa. It’s a hot, hot, record breaking heatwave, keeping a steady three digit temp around here. I’m privileged to have A/C until the bill comes. It’s tough for me not to grab ice-cream or frozen yogurt – not every single time I think of it, while trying to stay fit but not exercising due to the heatwave-pandemic combo.

    Hope you’re finding ways to stay cool and productive.


    1. Wow, I just Googled what 100 F was, and fainted with heat stroke! Although part of the reason us Brits suffer so much is we don’t have AC in our homes, and not all businesses do either. So we just have to live with it and hope it passes. We’re having hot days followed by hot and wet days, on a constant loop at the moment.

      But you can guarantee that by September I’ll have heard at least 2 people saying what a washout the summer was 😀


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