I’ve always been a writer. Then, with the publication of my first short story, I became an author.

Now I’m a novelist!

I might have mentioned it…

Today, I’m going to be popping up on social media, wafting around like a novelist, doing novelisty things like stalking Amazon sales lists and eating far too much chocolate.

If you’ve pre-ordered Grace & Serenity, you’ll already have it waiting on your Kindle or other device. If you haven’t, you can find all the buy links right here.

Tomorrow, and for the next week, I’ll be on this epic blog tour, organised by the amazing Rachel’s Random Resources. I’ll be sharing the links each day on Facebook and Twitter, so if you’re interested, make sure you pop in. There will be interviews, posts by me, and reviews.

My giveaways are still ongoing, all the way up to 15 July when the winners will be selected at random. You just have to:

  • Add a fact about Plymouth (UK) on to my pinned post on Facebook
  • Tag me (@annalisa_crawford) in a photo of your favourite place on Instagram
  • And if you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ve got your own task 😉 You can sign up to receive future, monthly emails from me here, but you won’t have a chance to enter the competition, sorry.

And finally…

Thank you for all your comments, newsletter sign-ups, messages, and emails. Publishing Grace & Serenity is the culmination of a process that started when I was pregnant with #2 son (!! – psst, he’s 16 now), and a dream that started when I was 14. Now I just sit back and watch it fly…

Before you scroll away, just hit that Tweet button, would you? It’ll share a quick message on your account x

GRACE AND SERENITY by Annalisa Crawford (@AnnalisaCrawf) is out now! “A rewarding and engrossing read.” For all buy links click here: https://www.annalisacrawford.com/wheretobuy.html

20 thoughts on “I’M A NOVELIST!

  1. Congratulations Annalisa – it’s on my Kindle – so I’ll make a plan to read shortly … sounds like I’ll enjoy it – have a wonderful day … enjoy your wandering around … cheers Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so exciting! I have pre-ordered, so I will awaken my kindle to find it there! I’m reading something else right now, so I will read your NOVEL when I’m done! So happy for you, my Brilliant British Novelist Friend (BBNF) Melissa Ann Goodwin, Author of The Christmas Village and Return to Canterbury


    1. Thank you Stacey. I was buzzing yesterday, but I’ve hit a bit of a slump… Not enough chocolate, I think! (Actually, I know – I’ve just mentioned it on Twitter, on an email to a friend and now here… 🙂 )


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