Holding my breath

Bear with me, because I have no idea what I’m going to write today. I know I want to write something – the whole point of returning to my blog was to do it regularly – but… oh my god, I did not sleep well last night. I watched 1:15 disappear into the darkness, and then 2am. It’s all a blur after that, so I assume I slept – who knows!

I’m three weeks away from publication day, I’ve written all the posts and answered all the interview questions for my blog tour, I’m waiting on some feedback for another project, and I feel like I’m literally holding my breath, waiting. I should be doing something, shouldn’t I?

Artoo demonstrating how I feel right now

I kind of am. I’ve cleaned the bathroom, and done some shopping. Or was that yesterday?

I’ve made myself a calendar of the next two months, citing which reviews will appear where and tasks that need to be achieved. It looks a little sparse at the moment – I’ll add some more stuff to it after I’ve done this. I mean, it doesn’t have to be actual stuff, does it?

I’ve had a lot more time to read too. I used a gift voucher to buy six books – I’m currently on I Stopped Time by Jane Davis, which I’m about quarter of the way through and thoroughly enjoying.

I’m alternating between re-watching The West Wing and Doctor Who, and starting on Star Trek: Discovery. It’s unusual for me to have so many programmes queued up to watch, but – as we continually tell each other – these are unusual times!

Part of my problem is still being furloughed, despite everyone else seemingly returning to their day jobs. Don’t you find you’re more productive when you’re busy? If I was rushing to work, grabbing a few items from the shop on the way home, meeting friends for coffee, and all the other things I do when life is normal, I’d squeeze in these writing tasks and feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

Not working is so strange when I’ve been doing it for most of my life (nope, not gonna admit how long that actually is!), but it’s given me an insight into how I’d fare as a full-time writer…

Badly, in case you hadn’t figured it out.

If it ever happens, I’m going to need a lot more discipline, and have many projects lined up to work on!

Your turn – got any TV or book recommendations? Any productivity tips? You get bonus points if you can point me in the direction of your favourite cake recipe!

9 thoughts on “Holding my breath

    1. The only thing better would be chocolate cake with chocolate frosting 🙂

      Without my writing, I definitely would be a slug right now. Even though I’m struggling at the moment with the actually sitting-down-and-writing part of the process, I’m glad I’ve got it.


  1. Hi Annalisa – it’s challenging isn’t it … lucky you being furloughed – at least you’ll get back to work at some stage. I guess – do all the things you can do … so those jobs are well out of way for the next year or so. How about some brief memoir writing for future thoughts – nothing serious … just notes and stories of life as it’s been … taking one’s mind of the goings on of today – an essential! Take care and good luck – Hilary


    1. I started a Covid diary in mid-March, detailing things as they were happening. It’s already interesting to read back over it. I started off daily, but it’s now once or twice a week when Big Things occur.


  2. I work from home and I’ve found that on days when I don’t have a big list of things to do, I don’t get much done. Add the stress of the past few months and it’s even less I get done.

    I have a recipe for Something Different Sweet Rolls – cinnamon rolls made with a yellow cake mix. It’s really good and fluffy.


    1. I must admit, when I write myself a list of specific tasks, I do accomplish them. But sometimes it’s a vague “work on WIP” which is an altogether more fluid task. Mmm, I love a good cinnamon roll – I have a baker friend who makes the most amazing ones.


  3. Well, in your spare time, if you can find some way to get Season 1 of The Boys (IF you enjoy the deconstruction of the superhero) I’d highly recommend this series. But then again, not if you’re squeamish against (TV) violence and some gore. The acting’s great, though. And Homelander….
    be ready to be terrified, lol….


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