Where I lurk…

I’m spending less time here, at the moment, so I thought I’d share some other places you can find me 😊

Facebook – this is where I talk about my writing, share articles about books and occasionally some book reviews

Twitter – all manner of random stuff comes out of my fingertips here!

Goodreads – I don’t really use this site as a social media platform, but I do review the books I’ve read

Newsletter (link takes you to the sign-up page) – I guess this is the reason why my blog has taken a backseat. My newsletter comes out once a month, I try to talk about things that both readers and writers will be interested in, and there’s always a small giveaway attached to it. Click here to find out why I give away the things I do.

I don’t plan to give up this blog entirely, but at the moment other things are taking precedence. I’ll probably see you over on your blog too x