Introducing C. Lee McKenzie

Here’s something a little bit different for you today, a middle-grade author! I’ve know C. Lee for a long time through our blogs, so it’s great to have her here today to celebrate the launch of her new book.

If you’ve got kids, check this out. If you know some kids, check it out too. If you don’t know any kids, but love great stories, check it out too 😉 

Take it away, C. Lee…

Hi Annalisa,

It’s great to be here today. Thank you for giving me a chance to talk about this new book.When you offered to lend a hand, you mentioned that your readers weren’t likely to be my audience for this one since it’s written for the middle-grade reader. So I thought I’d tell about the night a bookseller gave a presentation to a group of rather senior citizens and brought picture books along with others for her talk.

She began with a story about an overheard conversation in her bookstore. It was a father telling his daughter to put that picture book away; she was older now and should be reading more advanced books. Then the bookseller, held up a picture book and began to read aloud. I admit, she was a great reader, and I along with the rest of the audience, fell into the story. When she came to almost the end, she said, “Well, you get the idea,” and closed the book. There was a collective “No!” that came from the entire audience. We wanted to hear what happened to that goose!

She’d made her point. If it’s a good story, it will capture and hold your imagination no matter what age it was intended for.

I write primarily in two categories of fiction: Young Adult and Middle Grade. While the booksellers put these on shelves designated for those age groups, my readers are often a lot older. One reviewer who has become a fan of my Young Adult (thank you ever so much) admits to being a sixty-year-old male. He has read and reviewed all of those books. My Middle Grade also has a middle aged audience. They tell me they pick up these little fantasies for a quick, fun escape from their real world. Some read them to be sure they’re okay for their children.

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Some Very Messy Medieval Magic is book three in The Adventures of Pete and Weasel. Alligators Overhead was the first in the series, and The Great Timelock Disaster was the second. Instead of my writing the overview, here’s the short trailer that gives you the idea of what happens to these two adventurers.  

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Thank you again for the time and space on your blog, Annalisa. I loved popping over to your neck of woods for a chat.

23 thoughts on “Introducing C. Lee McKenzie

  1. good post and intro to C Lee. I’ve seen her name a lot, but was not up on her books. First, I believe in reading. Anything, anywhere, any time. My mom’s philosophy was along that line – if my brother wanted to read Sports Illustrated or Mad Magazine, she supported and bought them. As long as he read. So, yes we always want to categorize books, but a fun story that hooks – who cares about the age range? Good luck on the new book!! and the whole series.

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    1. Hi Joanne. Book sellers need categories, and I think that makes people think they can only find the stories on specific shelves. That’s why I loved the book seller who demonstrated how a picture book could grab a “mature” readers interest and make them want to read to the end. Appreciate your stopping in and taking the time to leave such a great comment.


  2. The oldest confirmed reader of my YA/NA series was 85, so it doesn’t matter the age of the reader.

    Thank you so much for hosting Lee today.

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  3. Hi Annalisa and Lee – so good to see you over in little Englandland! … Magic – is magic is medieval … and memories with memorable tales are so so good – I remember our father reading to us … and we laughed ourselves silly as he read us the stories – excellent – and to know the elderly will see other things into whatever they’re reading or hearing is always good news – usually!!! Good luck Lee – Cheers Hilary

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    1. I came over and no one asked for my passport. This is a very easy way to travel, I must say. I love the elderly. Well, I should I’m in that fabulous category these days. And magic! We need so much of that, don’t we? Thanks, Hilary.


    1. Well, I’m excited to read your post! I have to say that I tell people about your blog all the time. I’ve even got my husband clicking through, but I bet he lurks. Very shy about social media! Thanks for the visit here today. Loved finding your comment.


    1. Well, it was a surprise. He certainly wasn’t the audience I’d aimed for, but there you have it. Case in point. Tell a story that someone can relate to and you’ve got a reader.


  4. I agree about the strength of a good story. I truly believe it is, as J.K. Rowling stated in er Harry Potter series, our greatest source of magic.

    Congrats to Lee!


  5. I definitely agree! I kept some of the books that I loved when I was a child and still love now, including the Secret Garden and Matilda. I wish I’d kept my copies of the Ramona Quimby books by Beverly Cleary, and I still have a couple of my favorite YA books too. It is interesting to read them from a grownup perspective than from when I was a child.


  6. I really love that there are so many new types of novels to capture the imagination of young readers today, and I agree, if it’s good, it’s good, and the books will be read over and over again. Hugs…

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