Stuff, other stuff and nonsense


Hmm… I’ve been sitting here for five minutes wondering what to write next – I blame it on a lack of tea.

I’ve sat back from blogging for most of April because I know a lot of my regular visitors are taking part in the A-Z Challenge, so they really don’t need me clogging up their feeds. I’ve visited a few, and the topics are as interesting and varied as always. I don’t comment for the same reason – these bloggers are probably starting to wilt a bit now.

I’ve not been writing much recently. Without any new ideas, I’ve been playing around with some old short stories, and then abandoning the changes anyway – so there’s very little to report there. My novel is still out on submission to agents – one requested a full, and I’m still waiting to hear back from that before I send anymore out.

Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash


There are some changes at work too, and a lot of my focus has been on that. Nothing too major – I have to take on a few exercise classes, when my preference is one-to-one training in the gym, so it’ll definitely take me out of my comfort zone, and I’m not keen on that. I don’t have a writing comfort zone of any kind, so I think I deserve one in my day job. Alas, my boss does not.

Aside from that, April is passing in a blur of birthdays, cake, shopping, sunny days and watching #2 son in his first ‘proper theatre’ play (as opposed to school or community halls – both of which are completely proper and always very well done).

Ollie in Brainstorm 12-14 April 2018
#2 son on the far right,  picture from the Young Company @ The Theatre Royal Plymouth

What takes you out of your comfort zone?



26 thoughts on “Stuff, other stuff and nonsense”

  1. Stuff is the best way to describe my life right now too. Am I accomplishing anything? Eh, I get a paycheck and I’m still trying to get a good grasp on new technology stuff at work. I’m waaaayyy out of my comfort zone. Good luck to you – I understand. But sometimes we do have to stretch….indeed, plenty for exercise!
    Congrats to # 2 son – hope he’s having fun and enjoying the experience. “Break a leg”


  2. Hi Annalisa – it’s good to sort of have a rest … and jog along with others – I hope work doesn’t completely put you out … you may find it a huge opportunity … but I’m usually fine – just need to settle to things. Congratulations on your son with his performance at the main theatre – excellent news – cheers Hilary


  3. My days are always chaotic so any kind of comfort zone would be nice.

    I hope you get good news about your manuscript.


  4. I’m sitting out the A to Z this year, too. And I’ve been pretty lax in getting around to others who are participating. I have book launching on my brain, so I’ll blame my blog-lethargy on that.


      1. Thanks for commenting on my blog and offering to host me during this launch. I’ll need your contact to get information to you. I’m at cleemckenzieATgmailDOTcom .


  5. I am spending most of my ‘writing allocated time’ on editing my draft and working on a synopsis (internal scream!) at the moment. I hope to have it sub ready by the end of summer but I am flexible on that! Hubs and eldest had April birthdays so have had a couple of celebrations too. I hope you hear some positive news on your submission soon. And well done to your son on his acting debut at the theatre.


    1. Ah, the synopsis – definitely out-of-comfort-zone! If you need advice, mine would be to write down every sentence as you think of it, even if you end up going over the same part of the story several times. You can then blend the best bits together to make a great synopsis.


  6. Good luck with the agent who requested a full manuscript! That’s a good sign! I actually prefer exercise classes over one-on-one training; that’s why I never hired a trainer (well, that and I don’t have the money for one). This way, if I don’t know how to do some (or all) of the exercises, I can stand in the back and copy what everyone else is doing. I always made sure to show up early for the more popular classes, though; it got annoying when there were too many people there and everyone kept bumping into each other.


    1. Thank you – I’m biting my nails waiting for a reply on the full. The more time that passes though, the less confident I am. I’m still trying to think positively though!

      The back of the room sounds really popular, I might try it myself when I’m instructing hehehe


  7. Whew, getting outside of the comfort zone… I started a zumba class. That’s WAY out of my comfort zone–since I can’t dance. I always position myself at the back of the room. Maybe after a year or so I’ll have the courage to move up.

    In the meantime, wishing you courage an success with your adventures.


  8. Sometimes, it’s just good to sit back and do the things you like to do with no time constraint. Congrats to your son too!


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