Spring is springing

digAfter some very cold and snowy weather, today felt properly Spring-like.

This is what a happy dog looks like, once he’s run around and exhausted himself!

The awesome thing about this time of the year is waking up when it’s light, strolling rather than rushing to get through errands, and being able to sit outside the coffee shop with my hot chocolate.

I feel so much more productive – although, alas, not in a writing-new-stuff kind of way, yet. I spent this afternoon designing new business cards, I’m in the middle of a week long interview onΒ Audrina Lane’s Facebook page, and I’m working on my newsletter relaunch (again, but for real, this time!) Click the SIGN UP button on the top right to receive your copy, launching mid-April.

Do you ever feel happy for absolutely no reason? A surge of euphoria that bubbles over until you’re smiling inanely at random people who are walking past? That was me today. I felt like Artoo in that picture, perfectly content, even when paying a bill.

What’s your favourite thing about Spring?

38 thoughts on “Spring is springing”

  1. Hi Annalisa – I can believe that … the weather improvement and longer hours makes us all more productive I think – though possibly doing other things than writing … but it’ll come back! Looking forward to seeing your business card and will sign up for the newsletter – cheers Hilary


  2. I’m buried in snow here on the east coast! My favorite things about spring are baseball season (I played softball thru college), more hours of light, and not having to bundle up.


  3. Spring sprung in Texas early March. I like how the colors just pop. I enjoy contemplating flower planting. Sitting on the patio is wonderful. And Ray and I went for an ice cream cone the other Sunday – just sat outside and ate it at the bench – fun! Enjoy your time, whether writing, prepping, or walking the dog.


  4. I love it when I see the buds poking out and the colors brightening the landscape. It’s dreary to look outside during the winter, but so pretty in the spring. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your strolls.


  5. I think what I like about spring is how it doesn’t typically include the things that come with winter: the snowy/icy roads, the freezing weather, etc. I also am looking forward to being able to walk around without my big winter coat, but since I’m in the Midwest I still have to wear it for now, alas.


    1. Wrapping up in thick clothes (especially woolly tights, I love them) is great when the season’s new and fresh, but it gets boring very quickly. I hope you don’t have to wait too much longer.


  6. I love spring. I think it’s the most optimistic season – the world is looking fresh, bright and new. Anything can happen and we still have most of the year ahead to make plans and have them work out.


  7. Yeh for feeling happy! When I feel happy for no real reason, I usually try to figure out why, hoping to recreate it another time. But sometimes I just go “eh” and enjoy the moment/hour/day for what it is. πŸ™‚


  8. I wonder if we are over the snow now? I do feel ready for spring and all the freshness it brings. Artoo looks very contended too.


  9. Aww, it’s great to think of you and Artoo both feeling so happy. There’s not enough of that in life sometimes.
    We are still waiting on spring here because it simply won’t stop raining, but I can’t wait to go out for a run when we finally get a nice sunny morning.
    Good luck with the newsletter launch! I will be sure to sign up.


  10. I LOVE spontaneous happiness. Truth, I try to feel a little bit of it each day, but there are definitely days it’s easier to access than others. We’re starting to have summer here. Forget spring. πŸ˜‰


  11. I had to chuckle over the relaunch- for real this time. I need to make the same commitment. Start again, but for real this time.

    As for that happy feeling- maybe there are angels nearby. πŸ™‚


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