Cat & The Dreamer, Free Today!

Okay, lovely people, just a really quick message to say that my first novella, Cat & The Dreamer, is free for Kindle all day today – Monday 12 March!

Cat & The DreamerPlease buy it, share this post, shout it from the rooftops, and go door-to-door around your neighbourhood!

And if you feel moved to do so, a review would be very much appreciated.

You can check out the book from this link right here.





So, what’s Cat & The Dreamer about?


In my world, I am fifteen, the age I was when I met Rachel Carr, the age I was when Rachel Carr killed herself with a tonne of painkillers and two bottles of rum.”

Julia survived a teen suicide pact: her best friend Rachel did not. Years later, Julia is introvert and insular, spiralling into depression, shrouding herself in daydreams to protect herself from reality – a controlling mother and a huge burden of guilt.

When Adam walks into her office, Julia knows he won’t be interested in her; Cat, her flirty blonde colleague, has already chosen him as her next conquest. But his presence alone is enough to shake Julia up, and make her realise real life could be so much better.

Except Cat has other plans, lurking in Julia’s imagination, torturing her, telling her she should have died too. And she’s right, of course, because Cat is always right.


Here’s the link to the Kindle page one more time

(I think three links to the same offer is as much as I can squeeze into one post)



14 thoughts on “Cat & The Dreamer, Free Today!

    1. This was my first published book, and I’d heard scare stories about authors not liking their cover art – I couldn’t have been happier. It really evokes the story!


  1. Thanks Annalisa – I’m sure I have it .. but it’s over there and I’m here. Good luck with it = take care and all the best – cheers Hilary


  2. Have already read and enjoyed. Sorry I’m a bit late to share but hope you got lots of downloads.


  3. Very nice cover art and a HUGE congratulations! A big accomplishment to have a published novel, so kudos to you! Hugs…RO


    1. D’oh! Silly me, I didn’t make myself clear at all, did I? Cat & The Dreamer was published six years ago, my first book of four that have been published so far. I promise that the actual story makes much more sense than this post 😉


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