Just a quick update, while I wait…

It’s been almost four weeks since I finished my novel and sent it to my beta readers. I’ve had one come back, and one giving intriguing updates. As hard as it is, I haven’t looked at those first comments, and I haven’t opened the ms at all in that time. I’m quite proud of myself for giving it so much space… and a little terrified at what I might find when I look at it again.

In the meantime, #1 son did this…


… and, to be honest, I found it a bit of a struggle on the day. But I’m over it now, and looking forward to watching the next stage of his life unfold.

I planned to write some brand new short stories this summer, but in fact I refreshed a couple and sent them off to competitions, and I have another couple to work through to do the same with. Every time I tried to write something new, nothing happened – my pen froze above the page and refused to make contact.

On Saturday morning, however, very early and after my second mug of tea, I managed to write a new character. I have no idea where the story is going, but I’ve been doing some pretty interesting research into premonitions and Count St Germain, neither of which may go anywhere, but it’s been really interesting and a little chilling.

I haven’t managed as much cake or chocolate as I planned, but there’s still a few more weeks of August left!

40 thoughts on “Just a quick update, while I wait…”

  1. Hi Annalisa – good luck … patience isn’t one of my virtues … chocolate and cake would be downed rather more often than it should be … but enjoy the end of the summer as we wind down to Autumn …

    Congratulations to son # 1 … well done to him and good luck for his future – cheers Hilary


  2. I remember when my son turned 1, and it seems like a zillion years ago because he’s 33 now. Happy Birthday to your son, and kudos on the book being finished. Hugs…


  3. Oh yes I know those mixed feelings as you watch the offspring growing up! Happy birthday to your son.
    Well done for resisting the urge to peek at the ms, I’m sure it will be worth the wait when you dive back in.


  4. Nice going on keeping your distance. I’m at the same place at the moment, where I’m fighting to keep away from Book 3 after I (finally) finished it last month.

    Now I’m supposed to be editing something else, but my mind won’t focus. :-/


    1. It’s finding the perfect balance between distance and not getting too wrapped up in something else that you don’t want to go back to it. May I suggest my chocolate cake distraction? It works!


  5. be patient. Once you get the critiques and digest them, then phase next begins and you’ll go crazy. Be careful what you wish for. Meanwhile, take an extra walk on a beach for me, please. Enjoy the glow of the 18 year old – congrats to him. Truly onward to a new phase in life. And it’s okay – sounds like you’ve done a bang-up job raising him so far. No matter what, he’s your ‘boy’. And more chocolate is necessary…you must attend to that immediately. Cheers to you


    1. Thanks Joanne. Yes, I think my son’s turned out all right – not bad, seeing as though we were only mid-twenties when we had him, and practically making it up as we went along 🙂

      We haven’t made it to the beach for a while, it’s the height of the British summer season so the roads are packed – even our 30 minute drive takes much longer, then we have to fight for a parking space. Soon though, Artoo’s missing the beach!


  6. Sometimes, that’s all you need…a new character to get the juices flowing. I think that’s why I’m struggling to begin the last book in my series. I love my characters, but I’ve been around them too long. It’s weird because I’ve never had this problem before for characters I wrote about for even longer.

    Happy Birthday to your son!


  7. I’ll be getting to reading your book in the next couple of weeks, so you shouldn’t have to be on tenterhooks much longer. I have no doubt that it’ll be fantastic! Happy Birthday to your son. It’s strange when they get to that age and start to have their own life, but nice as well!


    1. I remember being that age and wondering why my parents worried so much – apparently, I’m going to have just as hard a time letting go… but, ssshh, don’t tell him that.

      I’ll wait for a week or so before I start biting my nails, then 🙂


  8. Happy birthday to your son! And I’ve always found it more difficult to write during the summer. During the winter it’s easier. It’s so cold and snowy, which makes it easier to stay inside and write. But summer, especially in the Midwest, practically demands that we go out and soak up as much of the nice weather as we can.


    1. I have romantic notions of writing in both seasons – curled up and warm inside while it’s stormy outside in the winter, and sitting in my garden with a glass of wine and a pen in the summer. Neither of them pan out quite as expected though 🙂


    1. Good question! I found mine mostly through blogging – initially I volunteered to read something of theirs, in one case we swapped short stories (or perhaps a single chapter would work for you), to make sure we liked each other’s genre/style.

      If you have a lot of blog followers, a simple post asking if anyone would be willing to read for you might throw up a couple of positive response.

      I have between two and three (and a fourth friend who is just overly positive, which is sometimes exactly what I need!) If you have too many, they’ll just confuse you with all their opposing views!

      I hope this helps. Good luck 🙂


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