Oh look, July’s happening!

I always know when I’m neglecting blogging, because my email notifications cease, and my inbox is really quiet! In fact, I’ve been working so hard that the onset of July almost passed me by.

But it’s all been for a good reason – my WIP is flying. Now, whether it’s a good flight or not, I’ll have to wait and see.

In my last blog about my attempt to write this novel in a year, I mentioned that due going back and editing the first part, my deadline would have to be extended – I made it 4th August… but I’m going to completely smash that!

halfway to goal

The flat parts of the graph were where I was editing the print-out, and the big boost straight after was were I made all the changes on the computer. There’s a method here… honest πŸ™‚

I’ve made some huge changes with chapter layout too – merging some, separating some, going back and re-merging others. It’s a complete mess, although I think I’ve got a handle on it now.

I thought I’d be adding a new character, but in fact he only turned up for a brief conversation. I think I solved the other issue of my MC being too scared too quickly. I’ve noticed I’m overusing the words ‘now’ and ‘of course’. In fact on one page, I used ‘now’ in every single paragraph – d’oh!

In other news, tickets for a signing I’m attending in Bristol in January 2018 are on sale now! If you’re in the Bristol/willing to travel to Bristol area, check out this Facebook page for more info.

The gym where I work, and train, is being refurbished which has caused me great excitement – in fact, some people would say (have said…) an obsessive level, but I don’t care. I’ve already designed my new programme to make the most of the new kit.

I found these – cappuccino milk chocolate digestive thins – scrumptious and yummy, and further confirmation that I love all things coffee-flavoured except coffee!



What are your recent snack discoveries?

32 thoughts on “Oh look, July’s happening!

  1. If the WIP is going well then it’s perfectly understandable that’s where you concentrate most of your effort.


  2. It’s hard to balance the blog and the writing. Which explains why I’ve mostly abandoned mine. I can see me reinvigorating it at some point, but I need to feel some impetus. Can’t wait to read your next book. xoxo


  3. Sounds like things are happening and you’ve made a lot of progress, which is great! I hear you on the chapter thing – I don’t write in chapters to start, so when I do divide it up there are loads of different combinations.


  4. Great news! So good when the words are flowing and the story is making sense to you, hope you continue to fly along! I’m a bit like you with the coffee thing . . . I loathe coffee but give me a nice slice of coffee and walnut cake and I won’t say no!


  5. My blog always gets ignored when my writing’s going well. And I always have waaaaaaay too many uses of now & of course in my early drafts. Probably the later ones, too. πŸ™‚

    Happy writing!


  6. Hi Annalisa – how wonderful another get together and signing in Bristol – should be fun … sadly I can’t get there. Congratulations on getting so much done … and a brief conversation can be a good thing! Cheers Hilary


  7. Wondering if a WIP lives up your expectations is always part of this writing process. I usually consider tossing the whole things at least three times. Good luck with your goal. I look forward to finding out what happens with this book.


  8. your chart is exciting. Smash those goals. Keep shuffling and Bristol awaits. Alas, I’m on the wrong side of the pond to buy tickets, but I look forward to reading about the adventure. I stick with nacho cheese doritos – not good for editing on white paper – ha! Continued good luck and do a few crunches on a machine for me. Thanks. I feel better – hand me more chips.


  9. I can empathise with most of this – I don’t know how many times I revise each article – heaven knows what I’d be like with a whole book! Good luck with that, and the signing! Exciting stuff.


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