#MilesofSmiles bloghop

unnamedIt’s blog hop time…

When I started blogging, forever ago, blog hops were common, a great way to meet new bloggers, and a lot of fun. In light of recent attacks in London and Manchester, Kyra Lennon and Clare Dugmore are hosting this blog hop to share things that make us smile.


These are the things that make me smile:

  1. Taking Artoo on my favourite dog-walking route, and watching him skip through tall grass… Yep, literally skip!
  2. Watching my 16 year old cat act like a kitten when he chases a used loo roll around the bathroom
  3. A perfect cup of tea
  4. The new Wonder Woman film. I’ve been waiting my entire life for this film. I loved her when I was four, and I came out of the showing (both times) feeling like a little kid!
  5. Those small things my kids do that makes me think I did a pretty good job with them


Click here for the list of other participants!


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22 thoughts on “#MilesofSmiles bloghop”

  1. Hi Annalisa … those are some great things to smile about … the dog walk – as they scarper through the fields – and yes Wonder Woman is on in E/b – might make a plan to get there … cheers and have a great week … well done on the kids too …Hilary


  2. Always good to remember the things that make us smile. Odd the way cats can revert to their inner kitten at times!


  3. A cup of tea that’s just right makes me smile too. I can’t share the other things on your list as I have no animals or children – but I have lots of other things to make me smile. The lovely sunny weather today is one of them.


  4. This was such a great idea for a blogfest. In our new house, we’ve got a much bigger garden, and it’s been great to watch the dogs bounding around and exploring, totally free spirits!


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