What’s the point?

I’m a writer. I know, I’m stating the obvious here, but bear with me.

Sometimes, like today, when I wake up to news of another senseless attack on innocent people – this time in Manchester – I wonder if there’s any point. People are suffering, daily – terrorist attacks, poverty, living in war zones.

In my day-job, I’m a gym instructor. I like to think I make a difference to people, in a real and practical way. A small difference, to a small number of people.

But sometimes, like today, it doesn’t feel enough.


14 thoughts on “What’s the point?”

  1. Hi Annalisa – it is dreadful isn’t it … we must just spread our positive and supportive ways of life … my thoughts go out to all families who have been affected directly and indirectly. I cannot understand it … it’s just wonderful to see how many Mancurians went in to help by driving, help, offering food and water … Thanks for posting … just so so sad. Hilary


  2. Still reeling from this – the shock of something like this doesn’t just go away, but Manchester’s a strong city. I’ve spent time there and also taken the kids to a big concert there when they were small. It’s unreal. There is a point to you doing what you do, because you’re a good person and we have to keep faith that the everyday acts of people like you mean more in the end.


  3. After 9/11, I felt fear and vulnerability. How can we protect ourselves and our children from evil? As the days passed and the world sent us prayers and support, I realized there are more good people than bad. But the cowards- like the ones who targeted children- do this hoping to undermine our belief in each other and in our freedom. My prayers are with you all.


  4. Ditto what everyone else has said. It’s horrible when all you can do is sit and watch. You do make a difference, though, to the people in the gym, the people who read what you write, and most importantly your family and loved ones. Focus on the good things and how you make them feel.


  5. Indeed. Sympathy and sorrow from across the pond on such a sad act of terrorism. But, I guess it is true – you can’t let “them” win. Your job, your writing, your family, your friends are all important, and you must embrace the teeniest acts of goodness and normalcy. Somehow, it has to overcome the bad. Good post and your thoughts have meaning


  6. Acts of kindness and caring, small or large, in whatever form, all add up, and every single one of them means something, and every single one expands outward, touching, influencing, and changing others. For the better.


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